Communication Studies- Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication

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Communication is broadly defined as the process people use to generate meaning through messages across a variety of different contexts, channels, and cultures. The Communication Studies major provides students with a strong core foundation in the study of communication, while also providing students advanced studies in particular communication contexts. As a communication studies graduate, students could pursue a wide variety of careers ranging from Training and Development Manager, Meeting and Event Planning, Advertising and Promotions Managers, or Sales Manager. The Communication Studies program emphasizes human identity and diversity, quantitative research competency, and 21st century communication skills.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements25
Advanced Methods in Applied Communication
Principles of Public Speaking (or)
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Theories of Communication
Empirical Research Methods
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Intercultural Communication (OR any 202-level language)
Communication Contexts (select five classes for 15 credit hours):15
Introduction to Health and Risk Communication
Social Media Cultures
Mass Media Criticism
Methods of Rhetorical Criticism
Advanced Interpersonal Communication
Communication in Conflict Management
Political Communication
Advanced Electives (select two classes for 6 credit hours)6
Science and Medicine in Public Communication
Computer-mediated Communication and Social Media
Topics in Applied Communication (maximum 9, if content changes)
Personal Organizational Skills
Leadership Decision Skills
Cross Cultural Leadership Skills
Grant and Proposal Writing
Argumentation and Debate
Persuasion Theory and Research
Advocacy in Contemporary America
Advanced Organizational Communication
APC 401Applied Communication Capstone3
Total Credit Hours49