Computer and Information Technology- Associate in Applied Science

For more information, contact the CIT Department Office on the Hamilton campus at 301 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3132, or on the Middletown campus at 111 Levey Hall, 513-727-3380.

Computer and Information Technology focuses on the development and support of computing and networked systems. Computing knowledge and skills are vital for professional success in any field and there will always be a need for technically skilled professionals. The Computer and Information Technology Associate Degree program provides two concentrations essential to contemporary computing, both leading to an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a major in Computer and Information Technology.

The Software Development and Support concentration prepares students to design and create software in a variety of current programming languages and to support application programs and systems. The Networking concentration prepares students to design, install, troubleshoot, and support secure computer networks. Both concentrations provide a foundation of critical analysis, problem solving, and technical and interpersonal communication skills, all of which are critical for success in any technical position.

Program Requirements

Students will take the Core requirements (51 hours), Technical electives (4 hours), and choose one of the Concentrations (9 hours) to satisfy the requirement of 64 hours.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 for all CSE courses 163 and above and all CIT courses 153 and above is required for graduation.

Core Requirements
CMR 111Introduction to Management I3
or CMR 106 Introduction to Business and the Economy
CIT 154Personal Computer Concepts and Applications3
CIT 157Foundations of Information Technology I3
CIT 158Foundations of Information Technology II3
CIT 173Multimedia Fundamentals3
CIT 214Database Design and Development3
CIT/CSE 262Technology, Ethics, and Global Society3
CIT 268Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction3
CIT 273Web Application Development3
CIT 276Systems Analysis and Design3
CSE 163Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming3
ENG 111Composition and Rhetoric3
ENG 112Composition and Literature3
or ENG 215 Workplace Writing
MTH 125Precalculus5
STC 135Principles of Public Speaking3
Miami Plan Global Perspectives elective3
Miami Plan IIA or Miami Plan IV elective3
Complete one concentration 19
Technical Electives 2
Select three hours of the following:3
Enterprise Network Infrastructure 3
Enterprise Server Installation and Configuration 3
Designing and Deploying Secure Enterprise Networks 3
Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving 4
Object-Oriented Programming 4
Introduction to Software Engineering 5
Advanced Topics in Visual BASIC 5
Contemporary Programming Languages
Special Topics in Computer and Information Technology
Introduction to C/C++ Programming
Data Communication and Networks
Total Credit Hours65

Please consult course descriptions to determine prerequisites for each course.


Students may only choose elective courses that are not required as part of their concentration. Please consult course descriptions to determine prerequisites for each course.


Not available to student in the Networking concentration.


Not available to student in the Software Development and Support concentration.


Not available to student in the Software Development and Support concentration if used as a concentration requirement.


Software Development and Support

CSE 174Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving3
CSE 271Object-Oriented Programming3
CIT 263Advanced Topics in Visual BASIC3
or CIT 253 Contemporary Programming Languages
Total Credit Hours9


CIT 281Enterprise Network Infrastructure3
CIT 284Enterprise Server Installation and Configuration3
CIT 286Designing and Deploying Secure Enterprise Networks3
Total Credit Hours9