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About Admission

Miami’s official admission policy is in The Student Handbook, available online at

Miami's Oxford campus is selective admission, admitting only a portion of those who apply.

Admission information for international students and for Hamilton and Middletown campuses appears later in this chapter.

First-Year Admission Standards

First-year admission to the Oxford campus is based upon many variables including but not limited to: high school performance (curriculum, grade point average, and class rank), test scores (ACT and/or SAT), essay, extracurricular/work experiences, and letters of recommendation. Personal interviews are not utilized.

Students who have not earned a state-certified high school diploma or have not earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate must submit descriptions of their curriculum and educational resources used during the last four years. If sufficient information to assess academic achievement and ability is not provided, samples of work in such areas as English, mathematics, natural science, social studies, foreign language, and fine arts may be requested.

Special abilities, talents, and achievements, as well as diversity of the student body, are also considered in making admission decisions. The university believes that diversity enhances the quality of education its students receive. Diversity may include socioeconomic factors, under-enrolled minority group members, career interests, artistic abilities, geographical backgrounds, and other special characteristics.

For information about open admission for first-time students to Hamilton and Middletown campuses, see that section in this chapter and the Hamilton and Middletown Campuses section.

High School Preparation

To be admitted to Miami, you must have ordinarily earned a state-certified high school diploma or have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Alternatively educated students without a GED certificate can be considered for admission by presenting credentials that demonstrate equivalent levels of academic achievement, ability, and performance. (Please contact the appropriate admission office for guidelines.)

All candidates are also expected to have completed:

  • four units of college preparatory English
  • four units of college preparatory mathematics
  • four units of college preparatory natural science (including both a physical and a biological science)
  • three units of college preparatory social studies (including one unit of history)
  • one unit of fine arts, including art, drama, dance, or music, either appreciation or performance

Making up Requirements

If you have otherwise qualified for admission, but not fulfilled these unit prerequisites, you must complete them before you graduate with a baccalaureate degree from Miami. These regular courses will count toward graduation, and many of them can fulfill other university requirements. Normally, students complete these prerequisites within their first 64 credit hours of college work.

The following courses will fulfill the requirements:

English: Complete the English composition requirement of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.

Natural Science, Social Studies: Complete natural science and social science requirements of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.

Mathematics: Complete a mathematics course of at least three credit hours at the level of MTH 104 or higher, or complete a statistics course of at least three credit hours at the level of STA 125 or higher.

Fine Arts: Complete the fine arts requirement of the Miami Plan; no additional courses are required.


These prerequisites are not required in order to earn a two-year degree. Students who continue their studies to earn a baccalaureate degree, however, are required to fulfill these standards.

Students graduating from high school prior to 1986 must have completed 17 units of study; at least 10 of those units must include any combination of English, speech, mathematics, science, history, and social studies.

Students who qualify for admission by earning the General Educational Development (GED) certificate must submit a transcript of completed high school course work to evaluate fulfillment of these standards. Credentials of alternatively educated students will be evaluated to determine fulfillment of these standards.

ACT or SAT Test Scores

Miami has suspended its test score requirement for students applying through Fall 2025. Students who choose to opt in for Miami to consider scores in application review may submit test scores directly from the testing agency, or a student may self-report test scores through the student's applicant status portal. If a student accepts Miami's offer of admission after opting in for test scores to be considered, Miami requires official ACT or SAT test scores be sent directly from the testing agency prior to enrolling.

Housing Requirement

First- and second-year students admitted to the Oxford campus (except those who reside with their parents or legal guardians; are at least 21 years of age; or are married or reside with dependent children) must live in a university residence hall. For information, about the housing requirement for transfer students, see “Transfer Student Admission.”

See more about residence halls in the General Information section.

Medical and Insurance Requirements

Students must present proof of Ohio K-12 grade immunization requirements (please refer to our website at for a list of requirements). Failure to meet immunization requirements will prevent course registration. TB screening is required annually for students who are arriving from or have recently traveled to a high risk country for longer than 6 weeks. High burden countries are as defined by the World Health Organization. Screening will be scheduled by Student Health Services and completed after arrival to campus. 

You must provide proof of health insurance coverage every year by completing the electronic Health Insurance Waiver form between July 1st and August 1st. If you are not covered by another policy, you will be charged for the insurance the university makes available. The insurance rate is in the Fees and Expenses chapter.


First-year students who live within commuting distance and reside in the home of their parents, legal guardians, or spouses may apply to the Oxford campus. See First Year Admission Standards for information regarding admission.

Miami Regionals in Hamilton, Middletown and West Chester are commuter campuses with an open enrollment policy for first-time freshmen. Students not accepted to the Oxford campus may begin their Miami studies by commuting to one of the Regional locations. After fulfilling minimum requirements through the Regional Campuses, students may submit a request to entirely change their campus to Oxford or remain a Regional Campus student with permission to take one or two classes in Oxford. 

Spring Semester, Summer and Winter Admission

First year students may be admitted for fall and spring semesters and are eligible for early enrollment the preceding summer or winter terms. Admission to some programs in the College of Creative Arts and Nursing is available only in the fall semester except by special permission.

Notification and Acceptance

Dates for notification of admission and your confirmation of acceptance are listed online ( and in your admission packet.

As a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling, Miami University supports the Statement of Principles of Good Practice and “permits candidates to choose, without penalty, among offers of admission and financial aid until May 1. Candidates admitted under an early decision program are recognized exceptions to this provision.” (Section II, A, 6).

Dates for transfer student notification of admission  and confirmation of enrollment are listed online ( and in the transfer admission packet.

New Student Orientation

All first-year students are required to attend a one-and-a-half day orientation program; at least one family member is encouraged to attend the program with their student. Orientation sessions are held during May and June for fall semester entry and in January for spring semester entry. The program provides an opportunity to learn more about the academic and student life and to register for classes.

Orientation program information is mailed to all incoming first-year students after they have confirmed their enrollment. Students register online for the program at

If a student cannot attend a fall orientation session in May or June, the student must attend August orientation and participate in advising and registration at that time. Please direct all questions about orientation, please call 513-529-9771 or email Also, visit our website for complete dates and details about all Orientation programs (

International students attend orientation approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the start of classes.  Contact for more information.

Non-degree Student Admission

High school students (College Credit Plus program): This state program provides opportunity for eligible middle and high school students (grades 7-12) to earn high school and college graduation credit through successful completion of college courses. Courses are open on a space-available basis. Questions regarding eligibility and admission should be directed to the Hamilton campus admission office. University housing is not available to students in this program. Prospective students should consult with their high school counselors.

Senior citizens: Individuals who are 60 years of age or older and have resided in the state of Ohio for at least one year can audit any course without charge if permission is granted by the instructor and facilities are available. Any special course requirements or fees are the responsibility of the student. Formal admission and registration are not required.

Visiting (transient) students: A student who attends another college or university, has been in attendance at the school during the past 12 months, is in good standing, and receives permission from that institution to attend Miami University.

Unclassified students: Students who have bachelor’s degrees from other colleges or universities and do not want to get an additional degree from Miami may apply as unclassified students. Admission is granted as facilities are available.

International Student Admission

Basic requirements for admission of international students to undergraduate study include:

  • Completion of formal secondary education in a pre-university curriculum that culminates in the award of a secondary school diploma or certificate which is generally recognized as the educational qualification necessary to gain admission to higher studies in your own country.
  • Adequate financial support will be required for admitted international students to demonstrate the ability to meet the financial responsibility of attending Miami University and to receive appropriate visa eligibility documents.
  • English language ability sufficient for you to undertake a full course of study. See the following section, “English Proficiency.”

English Proficiency

International applicants (non-immigrants) whose native language is not English are required to submit evidence of English proficiency prior to their admission. In most cases, applicants will need to present satisfactory scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Information concerning these examinations and location of test centers can be obtained at or

Students admitted through the American Culture and English (ACE) Program are conditionally admitted to Miami University as non-degree seeking students. For a student’s status to change from conditional admission to regular, degree-seeking enrollment, students must complete the ACE core curriculum with a B- or higher in each of the required English language classes (ACE 112 and ACE 113) and with a passing grade (C or higher) in the American culture course. If a student does not achieve a grade of B- or higher in both ACE 112 and ACE 113, or does not receive a grade of C or higher in the American culture course, the student’s enrollment status will remain conditional and the student will be required to retake the pertinent course(s) during his/her second semester. In addition to these courses, students with TOEFL of 60-64 take one additional course: ACE 051 (4) - Academic English Structure & Application, which supplements the other ACE courses in terms of foundational language support and includes a one-hour tutorial that supports students with their culture course. If the student does not earn grades of B- or higher in ACE 112 and ACE 113 and does not receive a grade of C or higher in the American culture course at the conclusion of the second semester, that student has not met the requirements of conditional admission and will not be allowed further enrollment at any Miami University campus.

Undergraduate international students, like all Miami undergraduates, must satisfy the freshman English requirement. Students will initially be placed in the appropriate English courses based on test scores or other English proof of proficiency received at the time of admission. Additional proficiency tests will be administered before or during international student orientation to determine English course placement. 

ENG 107 (4) is designed to provide foundational skills for international students in written English. Upon successful completion, students will be placed in ENG 108 or 109. ENG 108 is a pre-freshman level course designed to provide international students with basic competence in written academic English. ENG 108 is followed by ENG 109, a first-year composition course that is similar to ENG 111 except ENG 109 concentrates on special needs of non-native speakers. 

An additional speaking proficiency test will be administered either before or during international student orientation to determine whether or not the student is in need of speaking support within the context of the student’s required acculturation course. Upon review of each student’s speaking sample, students will be assigned to one of the following courses. These courses are NOT part of a sequence, and students will take only one of these courses in their time at Miami. CAS 116 (3) is designed to support academic English speaking and listening skills, while supporting students in acclimation and acculturation to US educational culture as well as Miami University culture. UNV 101 is a transition course for first year students designed to establish a foundation for academic and co-curricular success at Miami.

Non-native English speakers may pursue additional practice in the use of written and spoken English through electives offered through the College of Arts & Science (CAS 131, CAS 133, CAS 134), as well as targeted support in writing through the English Language Learners Writing Center located at the Howe Writing Center in King Library.

Selective Admission

Student Handbook, under Selective Admission.

Conditional Admission

A student who is competitive for admission, but does not meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement, may be offered conditional admission. Conditional admission is only granted through approved intensive English language programs, including the Miami University American Culture and English (ACE) Program. For a student’s status to be changed from conditional admission to regular enrollment, the student must complete and fulfill all criteria established by the approved program.

Information and Application

Information and application forms for prospective international undergraduate students are available online at Students can also contact the office at:

Office of International and Transfer Admission
301 S. Campus Ave.
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio 45056-3434
Phone: 513-529-2531
Fax: 513-529-0682
What's App: (001) 513-757-0756

Miami University Regionals Locations

Miami University Regionals are commuter campuses of Miami University, a highly-regarded public university with a national reputation. Regional locations include the Hamilton campus, the Middletown campus, and the Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC) in West Chester.

Miami Regionals includes the division of the College of Liberal Arts & Applied Science (CLAAS).  CLAAS is home to twelve academic departments offering certificate, associate and bachelor degrees. 

Many students earn their bachelor's degree by taking classes entirely at regional locations. Students may also earn select degrees online through Miami University Regionals.  After meeting the required criteria,  students who begin on the regional campuses may change their campus and complete their degree on the Oxford campus.

Miami University Regionals Admission Standards

Miami University Regionals have an open admission policy for first-time freshmen. You must have graduated from a state-chartered high school or equivalent to be admitted. Alternatively, educated students without a High School Equivalency Diploma can demonstrate academic achievement by submitting a description of the curriculum, educational resources used during the last four years, and other information necessary to assess ability. ACT or SAT scores are not required, but placement exams may be requested.

A beginning freshman or transfer student admitted to Miami University Regionals may partially or fully change campus (take the majority of credit hours in Oxford) as a matriculated Miami University student with at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average, an acceptable conduct record, and after earning at least 16 hours of graded Miami University college-level coursework (not including developmental 00_classes, CLEP, AP and College Credit Plus credit).  At least one Fall or Spring semester must be completed on a regional campus. Winter term credits and grades cannot be utilized for Spring campus change as they are not posted until after the Spring semester begins. Students who want exceptions to these requirements granted must submit their request on the Change of Campus form.

More information is available in the chapter about Miami University Regionals (College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science). To receive further details about admission, contact:

Office of Admission
Miami University Hamilton
1601 University Blvd.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Office of Admission
Miami University Middletown
4200 N. University Blvd.
Middletown, OH 45042

Miami University Regionals website

Miami Regionals Admission email

Miami Regionals Admission phone number 513-785-3111