Graduate Awards

Award Information

Students must be admitted to the Graduate School with regular standing to be considered for a graduate award.

If the minimum undergraduate grade point average required for admission with regular standing is met, students may be appointed to a graduate assistantship for one semester with reappointment contingent upon achievement of a 3.00 graduate grade point average for that semester and satisfactory performance of graduate assistant duties.  Students may not hold more than one graduate award for any given semester or academic year. 

A graduate award holder cannot hold any other employment at Miami University during the term of the graduate award unless recommended by the department chair and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School via a graduate student petition. International students (those with F-1 and J-1 visas) are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session (this includes assistantship duties). An international student who holds a graduate assistantship with duties of eight hours per week may request permission to hold additional employment as long as that employment does not exceed 12 hours per week.

A graduate assistantship award for one year involves no commitment for continued support by the university for subsequent years.

To Apply for a Graduate Award

To receive a graduate award students must be recommended by the department following application and admission to the Graduate School. Contact the department to which you are applying for specific application requirements and deadlines. For a listing of graduate programs, visit the Graduate School website.

Types of Awards

Most award recipients work in departments of their field of study. Graduate assistantships, however, are also available in other offices, such as the library, the Bernard B. Rinella Jr. Learning Center, university advancement, and intercollegiate athletics. Information is available from Academic Personnel Services, 513-529-6724, and the Graduate School, 513-529-3734.

Graduate assistantships are for holders of a baccalaureate degree seeking an advanced degree. The stipend associated with this award is for a maximum of half­-time duties in two regular semesters.  In addition to the stipend, graduate assistants receive up to 100% waiver of the instructional fee and 50% of the basic general fee for two semesters as determined by the department of appointment for the period of appointment and for the summer session immediately preceding or following the year of appointment.  A tuition waiver and stipend for a graduate assistantship can vary with the work expectations proportionally.  For instance, a student might receive half of a tuition waiver and half of a full stipend, and would be expected to work half the hours.  See the Miami University Policy Library for additional information on stipends and waivers. 

Students will also be required to pay reduced technology, facilities and metro fees. Fee increases will be determined at the June meeting of the Board of Trustees. For additional information regarding fees, charges, and regulations regarding refunds see Graduate assistants have two options for payment of fees: pay in full at the start of each semester, or use the payroll deduction program. Some programs have additional fees.

Graduate assistants must carry between 9 to 18 hours of graduate courses each semester. Full assistantship duties normally occupy 18 to 20 hours per week. 

Dissertation scholarships, for doctoral candidates at dissertation stage, are service free and provide a stipend determined by the student's department. Dissertation scholars must enroll in between 9 to 18 hours of graduate courses each semester they receive the award. In addition to the stipend, graduate assistants receive 100% waiver of the instructional fee and 50% of the basic general fee for the period of appointment. You will also be required to pay the general fee (reduced), technology fee, facilities fee (including Armstrong Center), and transit fees. Fee increases will be determined at the June meeting of the Board of Trustees. For additional information regarding fees, charges, and regulations regarding refunds see the following link:  Fees must be paid in full at the start of each semester. 

Graduate summer scholarships provide a tuition waiver and one scholarship payment during the summer term. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of $1,800 for the summer term, and there are no duties attached to the payment. Students with a one-semester appointment will receive a $900 scholarship for the summer term. The scholarship is given to graduate assistants and dissertation scholars who hold awards for one or two semesters and meet the guidelines for these scholarships. See the Miami University Policy Library for additional information. 

Graduate grants-in-aid are waivers of instructional fee and out-of-state tuition. There is no cash stipend. No duties are required. These grants are available for one or both semesters and/or summer terms to U.S. and international students who are in need of financial assistance, have strong academic records, and show considerable promise of future attainment. These grants are for students in continuous full-time study leading to a degree; they are not available to part-time students, CGS students, and students whose full-time study is limited to summer terms. Continuance or renewal of a grant is dependent upon satisfactory progress toward a degree. To apply for this grant, visit the Graduate School website or contact the Graduate School at Students must apply for this award annually.

Academic Responsibilities

Students must maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree in order to assure continuance as an award holder. Satisfactory progress means meeting minimum registration requirements, maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00, and fulfilling academic requirements for the degree as determined by the department or program. Failure to achieve such progress may result in the revocation of the award.  For more information see the Miami University Policy Library.

Award Acceptance

The university adheres to the resolution adopted by the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States. The resolution provides that if an award recipient accepts an award before April 15, the recipient will have complete freedom through April 15 to resign in order to accept another appointment. After April 15, however, the recipient may not accept another award without obtaining a formal release from the first commitment.