Environmental Science Co-Major

For more information, contact the  Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, 118 Shideler Hall, 513-529-5811.

This co-major emphasizes earth science and life science approaches to understanding environmental patterns and processes. Students are prepared to pursue a wide variety of career paths and post-graduate degrees in environmental science, especially those with biological and physical science specializations. The term "co-major" indicates that students must be concurrently enrolled in and must complete another major at Miami University. The co-major complements this primary major, which provides significant depth and breadth in an academic discipline. There is no specific degree designation for the co-major; students receive the degree designation of their primary major.

Program Requirements

(32-44 semester hours)

Complete a major in one of the divisions of the university.

Biological Science
Select one of the following:3-4
Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
Environmental Biology
Plants, Humanity, and Environment
Ecology of North America
Plant Biology
Physical Science
Select one course from group A and one from B: 16-9
Group A:
Chemistry in Modern Society
and Chemistry in Modern Society Laboratory
College Chemistry
and College Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry of Earth Systems
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Group B:
Earth's Physical Environment
Geographic Perspectives on the Environment
The Dynamic Earth
and Understanding the Earth
Environmental Geology
and Understanding the Earth
Geology of U.S. National Parks
and Understanding the Earth
PHY 161/162 or 191/192 strongly recommended
Select one of the following:3-4
Applied Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Social Science
ECO 201Principles of Microeconomics3
Select one of the following:3
Peoples of the World
Global Forces, Local Diversity
Energy and Policy
American Political System
Public Administration
Environmental Science
IES 275Principles of Environmental Science3
Select two related courses from the list below (both of which must be outside department of primary major)5-9
IES 431/IES 531Principles and Applications of Environmental Science3
Practicum/Field Experience
Select one of the following:3-6
Field Ecology
Biodiversity of Kenya
Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica
Tropical Marine Ecology
Geoenvironmental Field Methods
Field Geology
Honors Thesis
Independent Studies 377 or Internship 340 2
Total Credit Hours32-44

PHY 161 or PHY 191 strongly recommended.


must be approved by IES Director or Co-Major advisor

Environmental Science: Related courses

BIO 351Environmental Education: Focus on Natural History4
BIO 401/BIO 501Plant Ecology3
BIO 408/BIO 508Ornithology4
BIO 425/BIO 525Environmental Plant Physiology4
BIO/GEO 431Global Plant Diversity3
BIO/GEO 432Ecoregions of North America3
BIO 438/BIO 538Soil Ecology and Sustainable Use3
BIO 451/BIO 551Conservation Education and Community Engagement3
BIO 453/BIO 553Animal Physiological Ecology4
BIO 462/BIO 562Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment4
BIO 463/BIO 563Limnology4
BIO 467/BIO 567Conservation Biology3
CHM 363
CHM 364
Analytical Chemistry
and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 454/CHM 554Instrumental Analysis3
CHM 491Chemistry in Societal Issues3
CPB 405/CPB 505Industrial Environmental Control3
CPB 441/CPB 541Pollution Prevention in Environmental Management3
CPB 442/CPB 542Air Pollution Control3
GEO 425/GEO 525Hydrogeography3
GEO 428/GEO 528Soil Geography4
GEO/BIO 431Global Plant Diversity3
GEO/BIO 432Ecoregions of North America3
GEO 436/GEO 536Women, Gender, and the Environment3
GEO 441/GEO 541Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 444/GEO 544GIScience Techniques in Landscape Ecology3
GLG 307Water and Society3
GLG 335Ice Age Earth3
GLG 354Geomorphology4
GLG/MBI 402Geomicrobiology3
GLG 408/GLG 508Introduction to Hydrogeology4
GLG 428/GLG 528Hydrogeological Modeling: Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport and Fate4
GLG 432/GLG 532X-ray Powder Diffraction and Clay Analysis3
GLG 435/GLG 535Soils and Paleosols3
GLG 496/GLG 596Isotopes in Environmental Processes3
IES 411/IES 511Environmental Protocols4
IES 429/IES 529Environmental Communication3
MBI 333Field Ecology3
MBI/GLG 402Geomicrobiology3
MBI 475/MBI 575Microbial Ecology: Exploration of the Diverse Roles of Microorganisms in Earth's Ecology4
PHY 421/PHY 521Molecular and Cellular Biophysics4
PHY 437/PHY 537Intermediate Thermodynamics and Introduction to Statistical Physics4
PHY 441/PHY 541Optics and Laser Physics4
STA 333Nonparametric Statistics3
STA 363Introduction to Statistical Modeling3
STA 401/STA 501Probability3
STA 462/STA 562Inferential Statistics3
STA 475Data Analysis Practicum3