Film Studies Co-major

For information, contact the Department of Media, Journalism and Film, 120 Williams Hall, 513-529-3521.

This interdisciplinary major features an open structure that allows students to develop individual programs featuring coursework in film history and analysis as well as scriptwriting and production.  Students will be introduced to principles of film aesthetics and design and will learn about key events in the history of cinema that inform its current form, content, standards, and industry structures.  They also will be exposed to important theories addressing film meaning and interpretation as well as the global dimensions of the medium.  Senior-level advanced study options allow students to draw upon knowledge gained from earlier coursework for application in individual and group projects.  This major program requires a second major from the College of Arts & Science (excluding those in Media, Journalism & Film.)

Program Requirements

(34-38 hours)

Select all of the following:
MAC 143Introduction to Media3
MAC 146Media Aesthetics3
FST 201Film History and Analysis3
FST 301Film Theory3
FST 401Seminar in Film Study3
Select at least two national cinemas courses:6
Topics in Film 1
Italian American Culture
German Film in Global Context
Italian Cinema
Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema
Chinese Cinema and Culture
European Jewish Cinema
Survey of Japanese Cinema
French Cinema In Translation
French Cinema in Translation
By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women
Topics in French Cinema
Topics in French Cinema
Select remaining electives from national cinemas (above) or from the following:13-17
Film as Ethnography
Diversity and Culture in American Film
Literature and Film
Linking Film and New Media
Shakespeare and Film
Linking Film and New Media
Classical Hollywood Cinema
Alternative Traditions in Film
Representation of History in Film and Video
Visual Representations of the Holocaust
Sexualities and Film
Global Media, Ethnography, and Film
Topics in Film
Women in Film
FST 350D
Hollywood Cinematography
Film Genres
Topics in French Cinema
Introduction to Video Production
Writing for Media
Digital Film Production
Costume Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Scenery Construction and Props
Special Techniques for the Actor 2
Total Credit Hours34-38

 ENG/FST 350 can count, if it is 350E - Asian and Asian American Cinema


 THE 439 can count, if it is 439A - Acting for the Camera