Gerontology Minor

For information, contact the Department of Sociology and Gerontology, 375 Upham Hall, 513-529-2628.

Students in any major may pursue this multidisciplinary minor. A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in this minor, and only GTY 440P or GTY 440R may be taken on a credit/no-credit basis. Note prerequisites when selecting courses.

This minor is currently being revised. Please see the department for more information.

Program Requirements

(19 semester hours)

All students take these:
GTY 154Big Ideas in Aging3
GTY 365Social Policy and Programs in Gerontology3
GTY 440PGerontology Practice Capstone Internship4
or GTY 440R Gerontology Research Capstone Internship
Select one of the following:3
Global Aging
Social Forces and Aging
Race, Ethnicity & Aging
Select two of the following:6
Disability and Aging
Medical Sociology
Interpersonal Perspectives on Adulthood and Aging
Gender and Aging
Death Studies
Total Credit Hours19