Global Perspectives on Sustainability Minor

For information, contact the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, 118 Shideler Hall, 513-529-5811.

This interdisciplinary minor introduces students to the foundations of environmental sustainability and its complexities with an emphasis on the approaches taken by people living under different geographic and economic conditions. Of special importance in this minor is increasing student understanding of the issues and problems faced by the majority of global citizens who live in lower-income countries or less industrially-developed parts of the world.

Program Requirements

(22 semester hours)

Background courses
Select one from each category of the following:6
Category I: Natural Science
Environmental Biology
Plants, Humanity, and Environment
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation
Environmental Geology
Energy and Environment
Category II: Social Science
Peoples of the World
Global Forces, Local Diversity
Introduction to International Studies
Current World Problems
World Politics
Sustainability Foundation
Select the following:3
Introduction to Environment and Sustainability
Advanced courses on Environmental and Sustainability Issues
Select at least six hours of the following:6
Environmental Systems I
American Environmental History
Developing Solutions in Global Health
Ecological Anthropology
Field Ecology
Plant Ecology
Conservation Education and Community Engagement
Conservation Biology
Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Industrial Environmental Control
Pollution Prevention in Environmental Management
Environmental Economics
Global Perspectives on Natural Disasters
Women, Gender, and the Environment
Water and Society
Geoenvironmental Field Methods
Environmental Protocols
Environment, Society & Justice
Environmental Communication
Principles and Applications of Environmental Science
Stream Assessment Protocols for Habitat and Water Quality
Environmental Law
Sustainability in Practice
Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business
Problems of Non-Western Societies
Environmental Philosophy
Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights
Geography and Gender
Advanced Area Focus: (this course should complement the field of study)
Select at least 3 hours from the following:3
Native North America: Anthropological Perspectives
Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives
Russia and Eurasia: Anthropological Perspectives
The Middle East: Anthropological Perspectives
South Asia: Anthropological Perspectives
Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
Contemporary African Politics
Family Poverty
Africa Since 1945
Medicine and Society in 20th Century Africa
Geography of East Asia
Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands
Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia)
Global Periphery's Urbanization
Images of Africa
History of Chinese Civilization
Modern Chinese History
IES 409
Problems of Non-Western Societies
Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas
Current Latin American Issues
Politics of Eastern Europe
Politics of East Asia
Politics of the Middle East
Politics of Latin America
Global Gender Politics
Latin America: The Region and the World
Russia and the Republics in International Relations
Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands
Field courses or internship
Select a minimum of four hours (students may also take other field courses or internship - see advisor)4
Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica
Tropical Marine Ecology
Total Credit Hours22