English Studies - Bachelor of Arts

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A Bachelor of Arts with a major in English Studies prepares students to be critical and creative readers, thinkers, and writers. The major will develop students’ ability to acquire, analyze, evaluate, and communicate knowledge in multiple mediums. Students develop these powers of argument and analysis by working with diverse texts and examining the impact of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, and ability on the production and reception of texts. Graduates will possess the analytical and communication skills that are critical to long-term professional success in many career fields and to contribute to their communities as responsible, informed citizens. The BA in English Studies will reflect the rich and varied nature of the discipline, allowing students to draw on courses in literature, creative writing, professional writing and rhetoric, cultural studies, and linguistics.

Program Requirements

Core Courses
ENG 298Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies3
EGS 301Writing and the Professions3
EGS 495Capstone in English Studies3
Distribution Requirements
Readings in Literary History
Select nine hours of the following: 19
Survey Courses:
Introduction to Shakespeare
English Literature to 1660
English Literature 1660-1900
English Literature 1901 to Present
American Literature to 1900
American Literature 1900 to the Present
Literature and Travel
Introduction to European Literature
Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky in English Translation
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Tolstoy to Nabokov
Genre Courses:
Issues in Literary and Cultural Studies
Readings in Literatures and Cultures
Popular Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Fiction
Introduction to Drama
Literature and Film
Shakespeare and Film
The Short Story
Classical Hollywood Cinema
Experimental Film
Children's Literature
Contemporary American Fiction
Medieval Literature
Topics in Film
Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Early Works
Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Late Works
Studies in Drama and Performance
Studies in Poetry
Major English and American Writers
Studies in Writing
Select six hours of the following: 26
Workplace Writing
Medical Writing
Topics in Writing
Humanities and Technology
ENG 172
Writing for Media
The Rhetoric of Information and Data Visualization
Rhetorical Strategies for Writers
Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Composing with Words, Images and Sounds
Advanced Composition
Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry
Narrative and Digital Technology
Copywriting: Electronic Media
History of the English Language
Special Topics in Rhetoric and Persuasion
Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction
Intermediate Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction
Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry
Visual Rhetoric
Grant and Proposal Writing
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction Workshop
Advanced Creative Writing: Screenwriting Workshop
Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry Workshop
Multicultural Perspectives
Select six hours of the following:6
Readings in Literatures and Cultures
Readings in Multicultural Perspectives
Issues in Literary and Cultural Studies
Disability and Literature
Varieties of English: Dialect Diversity and Language Change
Women Writers
GLBTQ Literature
Native American Literature
Asian American Literature
Latino/a Literature and the Americas
Colonial & Postcolonial Literature
Early British Women Writers
African American Writing, 1746-1877
African American Writing, 1878-1945
African American Writing, 1946-Present
Postwar/Postcolonial British Literature, 1945-Present
Ethnic American Literatures
Black Feminist Theory
Advanced English Studies
Take at least two additional 300 or 400 level EGS courses not used above.6
Total Credit Hours36