Technical Study- Associate of Technical Study

For information, contact the departments of Engineering Technology, Computer Information Technology, or Commerce. The Department of Engineering Technology is at 301 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3132, on the Hamilton campus and at  the Middletown Office of Academic Advising in 1 Johnston Hall, 513-727-3440. The Commerce Department is at 106 University Hall, 513-785-7706, on the Hamilton campus.

This technically-oriented program is offered through the combined disciplines of commerce, computer information technology, and engineering technology. Students work with a faculty advisor to develop an interdisciplinary plan of study with an area of concentration and a well-rounded program. Through this program, you have the flexibility to tailor an associate degree to your specific needs.

Program Requirements

(64 semester hours)

Nontechnical Courses 1
ENG 111Composition and Rhetoric3
ENG 215Workplace Writing3
Select one of the following:3
Principles of Public Speaking
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Select six hours of the following:6
Miami Plan fine arts, humanities, or social science course (MPF IIA, IIB, or IIC)
Miami Plan U.S. Cultures or World Cultures course (MFP IIIA or IIIB)
Basic program support courses 1
Select at least 3 hours in each category: Math, science, and computing courses17
Technical Subject Areas32
Approved course work in engineering technology and/or computer technology/computer and information technology and/or commerce approved by the Associate of Technical Studies Review Committee as constituting a well-defined, coherent program leading to marketable, technical job skills.
Total Credit Hours64

Nontechnical and basic program support courses must include at least 12 semester hours of the Miami Plan Foundation (MPF) in four of the five MPF areas.