Aerospace Studies Minor

For information, contact the Department of Aerospace Studies, 50 Millett Hall, 513-529-2031.

This minor is an interdisciplinary program open to all majors. It introduces students to the broad field of air and space service and provides specific information on the organization and operation of the United States Air Force.

Courses may not be taken on a credit/no-credit basis. A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. If there is a specific Political Science (POL) 300 level regional course that a student would like to substitute for one of the listed POL courses, they may be substituted with the approval of the Aerospace Studies Chair.

Program Requirements

 (19 semester hours)

Required sequence:
AES 121Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force1
AES 122Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force1
AES 221Team and Leadership Fundamentals1
AES 222Team and Leadership Fundamentals1
AES 332Leading People and Effective Communication3
AES 431National Security/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning Preparation3
Select one of the following:3
Leading People and Effective Communication
Introduction to Management & Leadership
Leadership and Management
Select at least one course in each of two departments for a minimum of six hours:6
National Security/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning Preparation
Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
Geography of East Asia
Political Geography
Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia)
U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1898
Africa to 1884
The Making of Modern Africa
World History Since 1945
Reconstruction of Europe Since 1945
Modern Chinese History
Modern Japanese History
The Soviet Union and Beyond
Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas
Evolution of Warfare
Comparative Politics
World Politics
Communism and Soviet Politics, 1917-1991
Post-Soviet Russian Politics
Politics of Western Europe
Politics of Eastern Europe
Politics of the Middle East
Politics of Latin America
POL 338
POL 339
American Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Analysis
U.S. National Security Policy
International Law
International Security Issues
Conflict Management in a Divided World
Total Credit Hours19