Botany- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Biology, 212 Pearson Hall, 513-529-3100.

Students may double major in Botany and Zoology, but in that case only nine credits of the Advanced Hours requirement may be used for both degrees.

Minors in Horticulture, Molecular Biology, and/or the Co-major in Environmental Science may be completed along with the A.B. to obtain an emphasis in these areas.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours, 22 hours must be advanced; plus 12 related hours)1

Select one of the following options:7-8
Option A:
Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular, and Molecular Biology
Option B:
Plant Biology
Plus any Biological Science Foundation Course from the Global Miami Plan
Take the following:
BIO 204Evolution of Plant Biodiversity: Genes to Biosphere4
Select one of the following:
BIO 425Environmental Plant Physiology4
or BIO 490 Botany Capstone Seminar
Select at least one of the following courses in applied botany:3-4
Plant Propagation
Botanical Principles in Landscape Gardening
Viticulture and Enology
Introduction to Biotechnology
Basic Horticulture
Select at least one of the following courses in plant diversity:4
Plant Taxonomy
Plant and Fungal Diversity
Select at least one of the following courses in genetics, cell biology, or physioloogy:3-4
Introduction to Cell Biology
Plant Anatomy
Plant Development
Environmental Plant Physiology
Select from the courses listed below to reach the required 30 hours:5-2
Fundamentals of Ecology
Botanical Principles in Landscape Gardening
Environmental Education: Focus on Natural History
Plant Ecology
Advanced Experimental Techniques in Structural and Functional Genomics
Global Plant Diversity
Ecoregions of North America
Bioinformatics Computing Skills
Conservation Biology
Departmental Honors
Theory of Electron Microscopy
Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Bioinformatics Principles
Related Hours
A course in CHM of 3 credit hours or more, plus other courses from the departments of CHM, CSE, IES, GEO, GLG, MTH, MBI, PHY, or STA 212

Note: For graduate study in biological sciences, most programs require organic chemistry, many require calculus and/or statistics, and some require a physics sequence.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Botany meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following courses: two W Biology courses at the 200- or 300-level and one biology W course at the 400-level. As an alternative to the 400-level course, students may complete an independent study that includes technical science writing. Upon completion of an independent study, the student must submit, with the signed support of a faculty member, a letter of certification indicating that s/he has successfully completed the technical science writing requirement.