Film Studies Minor

For information, contact the Department of Media, Journalism and Film, 120 Williams Hall, 513-529-3521.

Film studies is an interdisciplinary minor that offers a broad and diverse overview of the medium and art form of film and its interaction with culture, technology and society.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Core courses take both:
FST 201Film History and Analysis3
FST 401Seminar in Film Study3
Electives- take 12 hours from any of the following courses:12
Linking Film and New Media
Film as Ethnography
Diversity and Culture in American Film
Literature and Film
Shakespeare and Film
Italian American Culture
Classical Hollywood Cinema
Experimental Film
History at the Movies
German Film in Global Context
Italian Cinema
Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema
Chinese Cinema and Culture
Sexualities and Film
Film Theory
Film Auteurs
Global Media, Ethnography, and Film
Topics in Film
Women and Gender in Film
Film Genres
Topics in French Cinema
Media Aesthetics
Introduction to Video Production
Writing for Media
Digital Film Production
Capstone Pictures: Project in Digital Narrative Film Production
Total Credit Hours18