Global Readiness Certificate

This Certificate is designed for degree-seeking students of all majors who wish to position themselves strategically for employment in today's increasingly competitive, diverse, and global workforce. It combines Miami coursework, co-curricular activities, and community involvement focused on global readiness. The courses and experiences in this certificate program will provide students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills necessary for global and intercultural communication and teamwork. Prospective employers actively seek graduates with such competence to complement the technical skills that students attain in their academic programs.

In order to be eligible for this Certificate, students must be pursuing a bachelor's degree at Miami University.

Students interested in this certificate should contact Ms. Alicia Castillo Shrestha (Program Coordinator, Center for American & World Cultures; 111 MacMillan Hall; 513-529-2395;

Program Requirements 

(14-17 semester hours)

A reflective, on-line application process requires student applicants to submit a brief autobiography and essay of intent. Students will receive provisional acceptance into the Certificate Program pending full attendance at the Orientation Learning Lab.
Orientation learning lab including an overview of certificate requirements, assessment, major-specific considerations, and workshops with relevant campus departments.
Four sub-categories of coursework are required: (A.1, A.2, A.3, AND A.4)
1. Intercultural Consciousness Course of the Miami Plan: 3 Credits
A course in this category may not also be used to meet the Dual Perspectives requirement (below).
2. Dual Perspectives: 3 credits
Three credits selected from the "Approved List: Dual Perspectives" which includes courses that are both Global and Intercultural in their perspectives. Any course that includes both Global and Intercultural Perspectives of the Miami Plan may also be approved.
A course in this category may not also be used to meet the Intercultural Perspectives requirement (above).
3. Intergroup Dialogue: 2 Credits
One course on Intergroup Dialogue (2 credit sprint course minimum).
4. Study Abroad, Study Away, Internship or Equivalency: 6-9 credits. Students may take EITHER (A.3.a or A.3.b):
a. (9 Credits) A course pre-approved for the Global Readiness Certificate as Study Abroad, Study Away, or Internship Program PLUS IDS 154 (Introduction to Study Abroad--take two semesters before embarking on your program) AND IDS 156 (Study Abroad Re-Entry--taken upon return from your program); OR
b. (6 Credits) A course from a preferred list (Preferred List: High Impact Study Abroad) which intentionally integrates pre-departure and re-entry programming designed to foster global learning and intercultural development. (List forthcoming November 2018 and revised annually thereafter.)
Participate in 2 or more approved events (Approved for Global Readiness Certificate) per semester, spanning at least 3 semesters (for a total of 6 Approved Events), from those listed as Approved on the One Miami: Diversity and Inclusion Calendar.
Sustained participation (2 semesters minimum) in EITHER of the following (C.1 OR C.2):
1. Service Learning: Intercultural and international or domestic service learning experience from “Approved List: Community Engagement;” OR
2. Volunteerism: Sustained volunteerism to the local Oxford (or student’s home town) community through Miami’s Division of Community Engagement Services.