Journalism- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the area director of the journalism program, 206 Williams Hall, 513-529-5893.

This program provides students with a liberal arts approach to integrated journalism (print, broadcast, and web) focusing on proficiency in critical thinking, writing, reporting, and editing. These skills prepare students for careers in print and broadcast journalism, new media, related professions, and graduate studies. The program further emphasizes the importance of acting as ethical and productive members of the media and the community at large. In addition, all journalism students must choose and complete a second major outside the Department of Media, Journalism and Film.

Program Requirements

(40 semester hours minimum)

Core requirements25
Introduction to Journalism
Scholars in Media Writing
Precision Language for News Writing (JRN 102 should be taken before students enroll in JRN 201.)
Reporting and News Writing I 1
Reporting and News Writing II
Multimedia Journalism
Public Affairs Reporting
Introduction to Media
Introduction to Video Production
Journalism Electives9-11
Select three of the following:
Journalism Law and Ethics
Topics in Journalism Studies
Digital Audio Reporting
Digital Video Reporting
Editing and Design
Advanced Storytelling in Journalism
International Journalism
Specialized Journalism 2,3
Critical Writing in Journalism
Inside Washington Semester Experience
The Washington Community
Media or Journalism Elective3-4
Take one additional class from the choices above, or take one of the classes listed below:
Media, Representation, and Society
Media History
Media Technology & Culture
Media Globalization
Mass Media and Politics
Select one of the following:
Capstone in Television Journalism
Capstone in Journalism
Inside Washington
Internship 2
Internship 3
Total Credit Hours40-48

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following course: JRN 201.