Linguistics Minor

For information, contact the Department of English, 356 Bachelor Hall, 513-529-5221.

Linguistics is the study of language. Linguists look at how people use language and try to find the rules that govern that use. Because linguistics touches so many areas of study, a minor in linguistics is useful for students majoring in foreign languages, English, sociology, anthropology, psychology, mathematics, communication, philosophy, or computer science. A minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required to earn the minor.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Complete the following:
LIN 201Introduction to Linguistics3
Select one of the following:3
Ethnography of Communication
American Dialects, Culture, and Identity
Special Topics in Language Awareness
History of the English Language
Structure of Modern English
Selected Topics in Linguistics
Capstone in Linguistics
Select at least 12 credit hours from the unused courses above, and/or from the list below:12
Computer-mediated Communication and Social Media
Language and Culture
Language and Power
Language and Culture in Native North America
Conversation and Current Events in France
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Symbolic Logic
Theories of Language Development
Clinical Phonetics and Articulation Disorders
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Language and Society: Past and Present
An international language in a multicultural world
Spanish Phonology and Syntax
Language Variation in Spanish
Intercultural Communication
Communication in Everyday Life
Total Credit Hours18