Medical Humanities Minor

For information, contact the Department of English, 356 Bachelor Hall, 513-529-5221

This minor offers students, including students interested in health careers, an interdisciplinary program of study that will enhance their understanding of the humanistic dimensions of medicine and their ability to communicate effectively. Students will investigate the historical, philosophical, literary and ethical issues of medicine in the past and today and focus on changing concepts and perceptions of disease, health, medical authority and patient experiences. Students will be prepared to respond to a dynamic range of professional and personal issues related to health and illness, life and death. This program stresses critical thinking, reflection and clear and informed communication. 

Program Requirements

Core Course- Choose one:3
Medicine and Disease in Modern Society
Literature and Medicine
Science and Culture
Gender, Science, & Technology
Electives - 15 hours, from at least two different departments. May choose from unused core courses above or:15
Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Key Questions in Psychological Anthropology
Anthropology of Women's Health
Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas
Confronting Death
Medical Ethics
Other special topics courses on appropriate topics may be approved by petition.
Total Credit Hours18