Microbiology- Bachelor of Science

For information, contact the Department of Microbiology, 212 Pearson Hall, 513-529-5422.

The Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is designed to provide more in-depth study than the Bachelor of Arts, particularly in preparation for pursuit of a graduate degree in microbiology and related fields. As part of this preparation, students are required to conduct independent research leading to public presentation of their results.

No course required for the major in microbiology may be taken on a credit/no-credit basis. Of the 100-level courses, only those that satisfy departmental degree requirements can be counted toward the GPA or the 40 hours required for the Bachelor of Science major in microbiology.

Program Requirements

(40 semester hours plus 24-29 related hours)

Core Courses
Select one of the following:4
Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
The Microbial World
and Experimenting with Microbes
Elementary Medical Microbiology
BIO/MBI 116Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular, and Molecular Biology4
MBI 201General Microbiology4
MBI 365Molecular and Cell Biology3
MBI 425Microbial Physiology4
MBI 445Microbial Genetics3
MBI 490Undergraduate Seminar1
Focus Courses14
Lab Requirement - select at least two of the following:
Medical Bacteriology
Immunology Principles and Practice 1
Medical Mycology
Microbial Ecology: Exploration of the Diverse Roles of Microorganisms in Earth's Ecology
Bioinformatics Principles
Research Requirement - select at least one of the following:
Advanced Experimental Techniques in Structural and Functional Genomics
Microbial and Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Independent Studies (MBI 477R - research)
Hours Requirement - select additonal Focus Courses, including from the following, to total at least 14 credit hours
Immunology Principles 1
Human Viruses
Bacterial Cellular and Developmental Biology
Elective Courses3
Select from additional Focus Courses or from the Elective Courses (below) to complete the 40 required hours
Related Hours
Select one of the following Chemistry options:7-10
Chemistry option one:
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
and Outlines of Biochemistry
Chemistry option two:
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Select both of the following Mathematics/Statistics courses:9
Calculus I
Select one of the following Physics options:8-10
Physics option one:
Physics for the Life Sciences with Laboratory I
and Physics for the Life Sciences with Laboratory II
Physics option two (calculus-based):
General Physics with Laboratory I
and General Physics with Laboratory II
Total Credit Hours64-69

Elective Courses

Select from additional Focus Courses or from the following Elective Courses (Microbiology at the 200-level or higher) to complete the 40 required hours:

MBI 223Bacteriophage Biology1
MBI 224Bacteriophage Genomics1
MBI 250Topics in Microbiology1-6
or MBI 350 Topics in Microbiology
or MBI 450 Topics in Microbiology
MBI 3333
MBI 410Senior Internship2
MBI 440Research Problems 11-4
MBI 466Bioinformatics Computing Skills3
MBI 477Independent Studies 10-5
MBI 480Departmental Honors 11-6
GLG 402Geomicrobiology3