Social Justice Minor

The Minor in Social Justice (SJS) offers a sociologically-based foundation of knowledge and skills to examine essential connections between social values, structured inequalities, and emancipatory social change.

Program Requirements

(18-19 semester hours)

Tier 1: Take both of the following:
SJS/SOC 165Introduction to Social Justice Studies3
SJS/SOC 323Social Justice and Change3
Tier 2: Take at least one of the following:3
Sociology of Gender
Introduction to Disability Studies
Social Forces and Aging
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Stratification
Tier 3: Take at least one of the following:3-4
Creating Global Peace
EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning
EMPOWER II: The Intersections of Race, Class, and Education
Work and Occupational Justice
Life After Graduation: Careers in Sociology/Social Justice
Topics in Justice Studies
Medical Sociology
Environment, Society & Justice
Internship in Applied Sociology 1
Social/Political Activism
Take additional courses from Tier 2 or Tier 3 to complete at least 18 hours.6
Total Credit Hours18-19

Maximum of 4 credit hours count for the minor; must be preapproved by CDA for social justice-related content.