Strategic Communication- Bachelor of Arts

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The major in Strategic Communication prepares students for communication- and media-related careers in a range of corporate, non-profit, and public service fields. Students specialize in analyzing and influencing cultural trends and crafting messages on behalf of organizations, policies, brands, products, and social causes. This major equips students with the essential skills in communication, research, and campaign design to thrive as independent thinkers and creative and ethical problem solvers in a rapidly changing industry. Students explore strategic communication as dynamic arrangements of technologies, institutions, and individual practices, understanding how campaigns circulate alongside diverse cultural forms, across media platforms, and in a global and multicultural society.

Program Requirements

(39 semester hours; plus a minor, co-major, or second major)

The Strategic Communication major requires students to choose and complete a minor/co-major/second major. No more than 9 credit hours from a co-major/major or 6 credit hours from a minor may also count toward the completion of the Strategic Communication program requirements—regardless of inside or outside of MJF. Students majoring in Strategic Communication cannot major in Communication Studies through the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science.

Core Courses18
Precision Language for News Writing 1
Media, Culture and You
Foundations of Production
Introduction to Comm & Tech
Principles of Public Speaking
Research Methods 2
Campaign Sequence9
Foundations of Campaign Design
Advanced Strategic Communication Writing 3
Strategic Communication Campaigns 4
Advanced Diversity and Inclusion3
Select one of the following:
Diversity and Culture in American Film
Sexualities and Film
Media, Representation, and Society
Media Globalization
Gender, Sexuality and Media
Intercultural Communication
Select three of the following:
Global Media Ethnography
Topics in Journalism Studies
Editing and Design
True Stories in Sound: Digital Audio Journalism
Digital Video Reporting
Advanced Storytelling in Journalism
International Journalism
Specialized Journalism
Data Journalism
Critical Writing in Journalism
Advertising in Consumer Culture
Social Media Cultures
Sound and Music in Media Cultures
Media Ethnography
Audience Studies
Media Technology & Culture
Working in Media
Advertising and the Attention Economy
Media Industries and Economics
Media Law and Ethics
Practicum in Media Literacy and Leadership
Communication in Everyday Life
Branding in Politics
Managing Crisis & Reputation
Trendsetters & Coolchasers
Persuading Audiences
Media, Advocacy & Social Change
Topics in Communication
Any Media, Journalism & Film "Inside" Program. Only one may count toward the nine elective hours.
Inside Hollywood
Inside Washington
Inside New York City- Study Away
Inside Chicago
Other Journalism Electives Requiring JRN 201 Prerequisite
Multimedia Journalism
True Stories in Sound: Digital Audio Journalism
Digital Video Reporting
Specialized Journalism
Data Journalism
Critical Writing in Journalism
Total Credit Hours39

Or JRN 201 before Fall 2021.


Prerequisite: STA 261.


Meets MP & CAS-W Advanced Writing requirements. Prerequisite: JRN 102.


Prerequisite: STC 359 and STC 262.

Note: Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication meet the Miami Plan Advanced Writing and the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following course: STC 359.
Independent Studies (STC 177, STC 277, STC 377, and STC 477) do not fulfill any specific Strategic Communication curriculum requirement, but may fill one elective with advisor or CDA approval.