Sustainability Co-Major

For more information, contact the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, 118 Shideler Hall, 513-529-5811.

The Sustainability Co-major emphasizes human-nature interaction in understanding environmental patterns and processes. Students are prepared to pursue a wide variety of career paths and post-graduate degrees in sustainability, especially those with design, management, and policy specializations. The term "co-major" indicates that students must complete another major at Miami University. The Sustainability Co-major complements the primary major, which provides significant depth and breadth in an academic discipline. There is no specific degree designation for the co-major; students receive the degree designation of their primary major.

Program Requirements

(37-42 semester hours)

Complete a major in one of the divisions of the university.

Introductory Experience
IES 274Introduction to Environment and Sustainability3
Foundations to Sustainability
Ecological Dimensions:
Select one of the following:3
Plants, Humanity, and Environment
Environmental Biology
Ecology of North America
Physical Dimensions:
Select one of the following:4
Earth's Physical Environment
Environmental Geology
and Understanding the Earth
Social Dimensions:
Select one of the following:3
Ideas in Architecture
Global Cultural Diversity
Equality, Poverty, and Opportunity: Economic Perspectives
Principles of Microeconomics
Global Forces, Local Diversity
Public Administration
Integrative Perspectives
Natural Resources & Ecosystems:
Select one of the following:3-4
Evolution of Plant Biodiversity: Genes to Biosphere
Evolutionary Biology
Fundamentals of Ecology
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation
Select two of the following: 16-8
Global Plant Diversity
Field Ecology
Environmental Education: Focus on Natural History
Conservation Biology
Chemistry in Societal Issues
Global Perspectives on Natural Disasters
Watershed Management
Water and Society
Ice Age Earth
Introduction to Hydrogeology
Hydrogeological Modeling: Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport and Fate
Social Systems & Human Landscape:
Select one of the following:3
Energy and Policy
Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business
Urban Geography
Environment, Society & Justice
Environment, Society & Justice
Select two of the following: 16-7
Seminars (406C: Sustainable Design Case Studies)
Environmental Systems I
Ecological Anthropology
Environmental Economics
Urban and Regional Planning
Environmental Literature
Principles and Applications of Environmental Science
Environmental Law
Sustainable Marketing Management
Sustainability Considerations in Design and Development
Environmental Philosophy
Public Management, Leadership, and Administrative Politics
Administrative Law
Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands
Women, Gender, and the Environment
Environmental Measures & Metrics:
Select one of the following:3-4
Geographic Information Systems
GIScience Techniques in Landscape Ecology
Environmental Protocols
Principles of Business Analytics
Applied Statistics
Data Analysis Practicum
Project-Based Synthesis:
IES 474Sustainability in Practice3
Total Credit Hours37-42

A workshop or one-time seminar on sustainability may be substituted with permission of advisor.