Business Legal Studies (BLS)

BLS 177. Independent Studies. (0-6)

BLS 277. Independent Studies. (0-6)

BLS 340. Internship. (0-20)

Available to Farmer School of Business (FSB) majors and minors. Available for 0 credit hour during spring, summer and fall terms. Available for 1 credit hour during summer terms only. For one hour of credit, student must secure a sponsoring FSB faculty member within his/her major or minor to supervise the internship and accompanying required internship reflection paper. BLS 340 is not available during winter term. Students are to work through their respective academic departments to enroll in the course. Credit/no credit only. Note: FSB students may earn a maximum 2 credit hours toward graduation for ACC/BLS/BUS/ECO/ESP/FIN/ISA/MGT/MKT 340.
Prerequisite: 55 earned hours and permission of department.

BLS 342. Legal Environment of Business. (3)

Nature and sources of law; legal analysis and reasoning; judicial system, litigation and alternative dispute resolution; constitutional and administrative law; criminal law; law of torts and products liability; ethics; international business law; law of contracts; law of agency; employment law; and government regulation of business.

BLS 377. Independent Studies. (0-6)

BLS 442. Business Associations & Communal Law. (3)

Study of the legal framework of various organizational forms in business; partnership; corporations; securities regulation and the study of the law of sales; commercial paper; secured transactions and bankruptcy.
Prerequisite: BLS 342.

BLS 443. Real Estate Law. (3)

An introduction to a range of legal issues that may confront real estate managers and developers. Subjects covered include: land acquisition, ownership structures, real estate financing, environmental due diligence, zoning, development incentives, landlord-tenant issues, and condominium development. The course is beneficial for those with a career focused on real estate.

BLS 462. Estates, Wills & Trusts. (3)

Legal, financial, and practical considerations in creation, management, and conservation of an estate. Trust principles and practices; and federal estate and gift rules and planning techniques.
Prerequisite: BLS 342.

BLS 464. International Business Law. (3)

Provides framework for understanding international business and legal environment within which it operates. Study traditional commercial law topics, such as rights and obligations of buyer and seller under contract for international sale of goods. Study of private law of international business transactions and public law of international trade. Credit for graduation will not be given for more than one of BLS 464 or BLS 483.
Prerequisite: BLS 342.

BLS 465. Ethics, Law, & Business. (3)

Explores legal aspects of business decision-making from an ethical perspective. Focuses on the business manager as an ethical decision-maker and on the corporation as a social moral agent. Conducted in seminar style using cross-functional cases from the core business disciplines. This course may not be used as a finance major elective. SC.
Prerequisite: Farmer Business School core courses and senior standing or permission of instructor.

BLS 477. Independent Studies. (0-6)

BLS 677. Independent Studies. (0-6)