Global Health Studies (GHS)

GHS 101. Introduction to Global Health. (3) (MPF)

Introduces students to the complexity and ethical dilemmas of global health as a practical field that seeks to work with organizations and local communities to solve health problems. Students will learn to assess knowledge from multiple disciplines to thoroughly describe global health problems. This course is the required gateway to the Global Health Minor. IIIB.

GHS 177. Independent Studies. (0-6)

GHS 201. Data and Decisions in Global Health. (3)

Develops understanding and skill interpreting different kinds of data (qualitative and quantitative) to understand, assess, and make ethical decisions regarding complex global health problems and the programs designed to address them. Required for the Global Health Minor. CAS-QL.
Prerequisite: GHS 101.

GHS 301. Seminar in Global Health. (1; maximum 3)

Explores a variety of current issues and research in global health through in depth discussions and readings. Specific content will vary each semester according to current global health events and the specific perspectives of the professor. For Global Health Minors, this seminar must be repeated at least three times, and over multiple semesters students will be exposed to multiple disciplinary approaches to analyzing global health concerns. Required for the Global Health Minor.
Prerequisite: GHS 101.

GHS 377. Independent Studies. (0-6)

GHS 401. Global Health Experience. (2)

In conjunction with an approved off-campus experience and a GH faculty advisor, this independent study course enables students to gain a richer understanding of the complexities of global health issues in context, and specifically it offers students an opportunity to explore a global health question or concern that emerges as a result of their off-campus experience. Students are expected to present a literature review that addresses their global health question or concern, as well as a summary of the ways in which the experience has enriched their understanding of global health at a professional forum. This is a requirement of the Global Health minor and must be pre-approved by a GH advisor.
Prerequisite: GHS 101 and completion of the GH methods requirement.

GHS 477. Independent Studies. (0-6)

GHS 491. Global Health Leadership. (1)

Work in global health requires recognizing and integrating the skills and strengths of differently positioned people while collaboratively building a common vision. This practicum will encourage GHS minors to reflect on qualities of leadership and develop skills in negotiating team problem solving, facilitating the creativity and contribution of each team member, and coordinating contacts or networks of consultants to produce a viable grant proposal.
Prerequisites: GHS 101 and GHS 301.
Co-requisite: ATH 448.