Latin Language & Literature (LAT)

Note:  Students who have previously taken Latin must take the placement test before enrolling in any Latin course.  Once placed, a student may not skip a course in the sequence leading to LAT 202.

LAT 101. Beginning Latin. (4)

Essentials of Latin language including basic principles of grammar, acquisition of a basic vocabulary, and practice in reading and writing.

LAT 102. Beginning Latin. (4)

Continuation of LAT 101 culminating in readings selected from appropriate Latin authors.
Prerequisite: completion of LAT 101 or equivalent.

LAT 111. Review Latin. (4)

This course is designed as a rapid review of Latin that is equivalent to LAT 101 and LAT 102. The primary goal of this course is to review Latin forms, vocabulary, grammar and syntax to prepare for LAT 201 and LAT 202. It covers the basic vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of Latin, in order to prepare students to read more complex passages transitioning to ancient Latin authors. Credit earned in LAT 101 and/or 102 is considered duplication of credit.
Prerequisite: two years of high school Latin.

LAT 121. Review Latin. (4)

Intensive review of basic Latin grammar with practice in reading and translation. The reading in the course prepares students for Latin 202. Recommended for those whose previous preparation is insufficient. Full credit toward graduation will not be awarded for LAT 121 if student earned credit in LAT 101, 102, and/or 201.
Prerequisite: at least two years of high school Latin or equivalent.

LAT 177. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LAT 201. Intermediate Latin. (3)

Review of essentials of Latin grammar with immediate emphasis on reading. Readings selected from major figures in Latin poetry.
Prerequisite: LAT 102 or two years of high school Latin.

LAT 202. Representative Latin Authors. (3)

Reading and analysis of selections from such authors as Vergil and Cicero. CAS-B-LIT or CAS-A (not both).
Prerequisite: LAT 201 or permission of instructor.

LAT 277. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LAT 310. Special Topics in Latin Literature. (3; maximum 12)

Study of selected authors or special topics in Latin literature (may be repeated when content changes). CAS-B-LIT.
Prerequisite: LAT 202.

LAT 377. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LAT 410. Latin Seminar. (3; maximum 12)

Intensive reading of a selected author or in a specific topic. Advanced reading level and comprehension are assumed. Individual research and reports required. Specific study of current scholarship. CAS-B-LIT.
Prerequisite: one semester of Latin at 300 level or permission of instructor.

LAT 477. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LAT 480. Independent Reading for Departmental Honors. (3-6)

Reading centered upon a major topic of Roman literature and thought, normally culminating in an independent essay.
Prerequisite: normally completion of LAT 201 through at least one semester at 400 level.