Linguistics (LIN)

LIN 177. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LIN 210. Special Topics in Language Awareness. (3; maximum 9)

Introduces various ways of looking at language: sociological, psychological, and formal. Students study how language plays a role in every human activity, from gender and racial stereotyping to the development of automata. May be taken three times, with different topics. CAS-C.

LIN 277. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LIN 301. History of the English Language. (3)

Linguistic and cultural history of British and American English, and other varieties of English around the world.

LIN 302. Structure of Modern English. (3)

Linguistic structure of American English with specific reference to application in teaching.

LIN 340. Internship. (0-20)

LIN 377. Independent Studies. (0-6)

LIN 410. Selected Topics in Linguistics. (3; maximum 6)

Focus on a single topic per term, such as field methods, the structure of a a specific language, linguistic geography, sociolinguistics or ethnolinguisitics.
Prerequisite: LIN 201 or equivalent.

LIN 477. Independent Studies. (0-6)