Premedical Studies (PMD)

PMD 101. Explorations in Healthcare Careers. (1)

Explores the various career pathways in healthcare and helps students considering a career in a healthcare field develop a comprehensive plan of preparation for admission to medical school or other healthcare profession school. This professional development course is for all students considering a career in healthcare. Credit/no-credit only.

PMD 177. Independent Studies. (0-6)

PMD 277. Independent Studies. (0-6)

PMD 301. Navigating Healthcare Professional School Admissions. (1)

Prepares students to navigate the healthcare professional school admissions process. Students reflect on their motivation for becoming a healthcare provider and develop personal statements and descriptions of activities for their applications. The final product will be completion of a mock application to a healthcare professional school and mock interview. This professional development course will be of interest to students applying to medical or other health profession school. Credit/no-credit only.

PMD 320. Topics in Healthcare. (1-3; maximum 6)

Focuses on selected topics in healthcare.

PMD 340. Internship. (0-20)

PMD 377. Independent Studies. (0-6)

PMD 410. Issues in Healthcare. (1-3; maximum 6)

Focuses on selected topics in healthcare.
Prerequisites: BIO/MBI 116, CHM 142, junior status.

PMD 477. Independent Studies. (0-6)