Art and Architecture History - Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architecture History

This major focuses on the different roles that art, architecture, and visual culture have played in human development. Emphasis is placed on how art reflects not only its specific history, but the aesthetic, social, philosophical, and religious values of the culture that produced it.

Students develop research and writing skills to better understand and critically evaluate the manifestations of the visual arts throughout the world. Additionally, they gain experience through internships and international study opportunities. The program prepares students for careers in communications and publishing, at museums, galleries, and historical societies, as well as in corporations, education, and all areas of the visual arts, including arts administration.

The art and architecture history major is an interdisciplinary major that includes the Departments of Art and Architecture + Interior Design, the program in Classical Studies, and the Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum. For more information, contact the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900,, or the Department of Architecture + Interior Design, 101 Alumni Hall, 513 529-7210.

A complete description of the major curriculum is found under the Department of Art section of the Bulletin.