Architecture and Interior Design Studies Minor

The minor in Architecture and Interior Design Studies emphasizes design theory, practice, and technology related to the built environment, offering the opportunity to develop basic skills in design thinking and making, understand architectural and/or interior design history, investigate contemporary architectural theory, explore media in design processes, and learn about building technologies and their applications in diverse environmental contexts. A minimum 2.50 GPA is required for admission to the minor. Minimally, the program of study will include 18 semester hours completed with a 2.50 GPA. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit). Not open to Architecture or Interior Design majors.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the minor. 

Level One: Introductory Courses 16-9
Select 6-9 CH from the following courselists at the 100 or 200 level.
Level Two: Upper-Level Courses 19-12
Option 1: Select 9-12 CH from the following courselists at the 300 or 400 level.
Option 2: Over-the-Rhine Residency Program (fall semester only)
Total Credit Hours18

Content Areas

History & Theory

ARC 107Global Design3
ARC 188Ideas in Architecture3
ARC 221History of Architecture I3
ARC 222History of Architecture II3
ARC 225Design: Behavior, Perception, Aesthetics3
ARC 321History of Interiors3
ARC 405Seminars (see course list for special topics offerings)3
ARC 405VFilm & Mixed+MultiMedia3
ARC 424Seminar on Modern Architecture in Latin America3
ARC 426Architecture and Society3
ARC 435Theory and History of Landscape Architecture3

Design & Media

ARC 105Introduction to Architecture3
ARC 309Furniture Design and Construction3
ARC 404Seminars (see course list for special topics offerings)3
ARC 405VFilm & Mixed+MultiMedia3


ARC 212Principles of Environmental Systems3
ARC 406Seminars (see course list for special topics offerings)3
ARC 410Statics & Strengths of Materials3
ARC 413Environmental Systems I3
ARC 414Environmental Systems II3
ARC 417Architectural Materials3
ARC 418Construction Methods3
ARC 419Materials of Interior Design (pre-req ARC 417 or permission of instructor)3
ARC 444Professional Practice in Interior Design (4th year standing or permission of instructor)3
Note: Study-abroad/study-away workshops (ARC399/499, typically 6 CH) may count in any of the above content areas with advisor approval.
Over-the-Rhine Residency Option (Fall semester only)

The Over-the-Rhine Residency Program provides the opportunity to participate in a semester-long residential immersion program in the Over-the-Rhine or Price Hill communities. Junior and senior students interested in serving the community through an alternative classroom experience are encouraged to apply. 

ARC 405Seminars (see course list for special topics offerings)1-3
ARC 427The American City Since 19403
EDL 377Independent Studies3
Design/Build Studio6
Architecture Studio
Architecture Studio
Architecture Studio
Senior Studio Capstone Experience