Remote Teaching for K12 Certificate

Blended, online, and remote learning environments are now becoming prevalent in K12 learning.  Blended and remote learning enables teachers to extend and expand the classroom and allow for more personalized learning.  Online learning is becoming a more prevalent alternative to classroom instruction.  The purpose of this certificate is to prepare K12 undergraduate students in teacher preparation programs with the skills, pedagogy, methods, and practice to prepare them for teaching in remote learning environments.

EDP 437Blended and Online Learning Design3
EDT 420RRemote Practices for K-12 Learners3
EDP 447eLearning in K-12 Education3
Electives (choose one from the following):3
Elementary Art Methods
Secondary Art Methods
Educational Interactive Design
Methods I: Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Science PK-5: Child and Curriculum Integration
Mathematics PK-5: Child and Curriculum Integration
Reading Instruction for Middle Grades
Language, Literacy, and Culture in PK-5 Education
Social Studies PK-5: Child and Curriculum Integration
TESOL in PK-12: Teaching Practicum
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in PK-12: English Literacy Development
Adolescent Language Arts I
Adolescent Language Arts II
Adolescent Mathematics I
Middle Childhood Mathematics
Adolescent Mathematics II
Adolescent Science Methods I
Adolescent Science Methods II
Adolescent Social Studies Methods I
Adolescent Social Studies Methods II
Middle Childhood Language Arts
Middle Childhood Social Studies
Middle Childhood Science
Integrating Literacy Across the Content Areas
Reading in the Foreign Language
Reading Practicum for Middle Childhood
General Music Teaching Techniques: Early Childhood and Elementary
Total Credit Hours12