Sport Communication and Media - Bachelor of Science in Sport Leadership and Management

Fueled by an immense global interest in sport and sport information, intense fandom, and live sport consumption, the sport communication and media landscape is one full of opportunity and engagement. The Sport Communication and Media major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Sport Leadership and Management. This major provides a distinct set of courses and hands-on experiences to prepare students to enter this ever-changing and ever-growing sport environment. 

SLAM Capstone Course:3
Practicum in Sport Leadership and Management
Reflections and Actions in Sport Leadership & Management
Sport Leadership Core18
Ethics in Sport
Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership in Sport Contexts
Introduction to Sport Analytics
Psychological Perspectives in Sport and Exercise
Sport, Power and Inequality
Sport Administration
Sport Communication and Media Courses
Foundation Courses21
Introduction to Sport Management
Sport Communication & Media
Journalism and American Life
Media, Culture and You
Foundations of Production
Introduction to Comm & Tech
Principles of Public Speaking
Applied Courses15
Reporting and News Writing I
Intermediate Video Production
TV Studio Production
Advanced Audio Production
Sport Context Courses (Select Three)9
Global Sport Perspectives
African Americans in Sport
Psychosocial Aspects of Coaching
Sport Economics
Facilities and Event Management in Sport
Sport Marketing
Legal Issues in Sport Leadership and Management
Seminar in Sport Leadership & Management
Children and Youth in Sport
Women, Gender Relations, and Sport
Total Credit Hours66