Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Evaluation Certificate

For information, contact: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 56 Garland Hall, 513-529-0710.

This certificate program equips participants to remain at the forefront of advances in manufacturing technologies and material science. The program develops and enhances skills in analyzing, adopting and effectively utilizing advanced manufacturing methods and the interplay between manufacturing processes and material properties. Courses can be selected to suit areas of interest and/or job requirements. Coursework includes additive manufacturing, mechanical property characterization, wear analysis, nano-materials, statistical process control, etc. Selection of equipment and creation of a testing program to capture specific service conditions is undertaken. Manufacturing and material property interaction in metals and polymers is examined. Practicum courses can be taken for hands-on experiences in topics such as materials testing, process instrumentation, and automation.

Program Requirements

A total of twelve (12) credit hours from the two concentration areas must be completed for the certificate. 

Advanced Materials Concentration 

MME 488AMaterial Characterization Techniques1.0
MME 488BASTM Codes0.5
MME 488CSample Preparation Methods, Data Collection and Analysis1.0
MME 488DPracticum Material Testing and Sample Preparation1.5
MME 488EDynamic Testing of Materials (DMA)1.0
MME 488FDynamic Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)0.5
MME 488GMicroscopy (AFM, SEM, TEM) Applied to Material Property and Failure Evaluation1.0
MME 488IPracticum Advanced Material Testing1.5
MME 488JBiomaterials1.0
MME 488KComposite Materials1.0
MME 488NFundamentals of Tribology1.0
MME 488OEquipment and Testing Protocols for Wear of Materials1.0
Total Credit Hours12

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Concentration: Emerging Tools and Technologies 

MME 489AOverview of Traditional Manufacturing Processes2.0
MME 489BPracticum Traditional Manufacturing Process2.0
MME 489CDesign, Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing1.0
MME 489DProcess Overview and Advances in 3D Printing of Polymers and Metals1.0
MME 489EPracticum: Additive Manufacturing2.0
MME 489FOverview of Advanced Manufacturing Processes1.0
MME 489NFundamentals of Micro-manufacturing0.5
MME 489OFundamentals of Nano-manufacturing0.5
MME 489PQuality, Metrology1.0
MME 489QPracticum: Advanced Manufacturing Processes1.0
Total Credit Hours12