Computer Science - Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

If you want to change the world and you like to think analytically to solve problems and are interested in working with computers and technology, consider a major in computer science. Innovations such as the Internet, smart phone apps, websites like Facebook, video games, and online shopping all owe their foundations to developments in computer science.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering offers three different bachelor's degree programs. Through a singular focus the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program provides a thorough understanding of the key principles and practices of computing as well as the mathematical and scientific principles that underpin them. The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree also provides students with an understanding of the key principles and practices of computing and at the same time requires focus in a second area through the completion of a minor, a co-major, or a second major outside of Computer Science to create potentially powerful combinations of expertise. In either degree program, you will study programming languages, algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, and applications of computer science such as computer networks, computer security, computer games, and the ethical and social implications of computer technology.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor job outlook for computer science graduates is excellent and continues to increase. This employment growth is due to the demand for increasing efficiency in network technology, computing speeds, software performance, and embedded systems. The median annual earnings for computer specialists ranges from $75,000 to $125,000. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, starting offers for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science average more than $67,000. 

Upon entering either the BS or BA program, you should have an interest in analytical thinking and problem solving, an aptitude for mathematics, and an interest in working with computers and technology. A high school background in computers is not necessary to major in computer science because the program includes introductory courses needed for the major.

Graduates from Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering programs  typically work as software engineers, consultants, programmers, network systems analysts, computer scientists, systems programmers, network administrators, or database administrators. The minor or second major completed as part of the Bachelor of Arts program may open additional possibilities.

Students may not double major in both the BS and BA in Computer Science. The minor or additional major taken to meet BA degree requirements must be outside the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. At least nine credit hours taken to meet the requirements for the minor be unique, additional credit hours beyond the requirements of the BA in Computer Science degree. Students who double major must take a minimum of 15 unique, additional credit hours in their second major beyond the requirements of the first major. There are no other restrictions on the discipline on which the minor may focus.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements
ENG 313Technical Writing3
STC 135Principles of Public Speaking3
Mathematics and Statistics
MTH 151Calculus I4
MTH 231Elements of Discrete Mathematics3
STA 261Statistics3-4
or STA 301 Applied Statistics
or ECE 345 Introduction to Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes
Minor outside of the CSE department18-25
Computer Science Core
CEC 101Computing, Engineering & Society1
CSE 102Introduction to Computer Science and Software Engineering3
CSE 174Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving3
CSE 201Introduction to Software Engineering3
CSE 262Technology, Ethics, and Global Society3
CSE 271Object-Oriented Programming3
CSE 274Data Abstraction and Data Structures3
CSE 278Systems I: Introduction to Systems Programming3
CSE 374Algorithms I3
CSE 381Systems 2: OS, Concurrency, Virtualization, and Security3
CSE 383Web Application Programming3
CSE 448Senior Design Project2
CSE 449Senior Design Project1-2
CSE 465Comparative Programming Languages3
CSE Electives (4 courses)12
9-12 hours of computer science electives
Database Systems
Foundations of Computer Graphics and Games
Game Design and Implementation
Machine Learning
High Performance Computing & Parallel Programming
Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures
Bioinformatics Computing Skills
Computer and Network Security
Special Topics in CSE
Automata, Formal Languages, and Computability
Compiler Design
Algorithms II
Advanced Database Systems
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing & Computer Vision
Advanced Graphics and Game Engine Design
0-3 hours of affiliate electives
Software Construction
Software Engineering for User Interface and User Experience Design
Special Topics
Optimization Modeling
Software Architecture and Design
Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Software Requirements
Stochastic Modeling
Introduction to Model-Driven Software Engineering
Digital Systems Design
Embedded Systems Design
Network Performance Analysis
Emerging Technology Practicum
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
Managing Big Data
Introduction to Data Mining in Business
0-3 hours of research electives
Special Problems
Undergraduate Research
Total Credit Hours83-92