Paper Engineering Certificate for Electrical Engineers

The Electrical Engineering Paper Engineering Certificate offers a distinctive opportunity for electrical engineering majors to gain exposure to the paper industry, thereby enhancing their career prospects. This program is tailored specifically for electrical engineering majors. To fulfill the requirements of this certificate program, enrolled students must successfully complete CPB 201 - Principles of Paper Science and Engineering, as well as CPB 202 - Pulp and Paper Physics. Additionally, students are obliged to select two out of three Electrical Engineering courses highly valued by the paper industry: ECE317 - Industrial Robotics, ECE436 - Control of Dynamic Systems, and ECE491 - Power Systems Engineering. Students enrolled in this program are eligible for consideration for scholarships provided by the Paper Science & Engineering Foundation.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
CPB 201Principles of Paper Science and Engineering3
CPB 202Pulp and Paper Physics3
Elective Courses
Select two of the following:6
Industrial Robotics
Control of Dynamic Systems
Power Systems Engineering
Total Credit Hours12