Creativity Entrepreneurship Certificate

For information, contact the Page Center for Entrepreneurship, 2078 FSB, 513-529-1221.

The Creativity Entrepreneurship Certificate is a multidisciplinary educational initiative that brings together students from all schools on campus to develop expertise on how Entrepreneurial practices can relate to developing the creative person and using creativity in everyday life. It is a suite of tools, teachings, mindsets and experiences for understanding how Creativity & Innovation impact our world and what resources and business principles are needed to foster successful creativity & innovation practices. The Creativity Entrepreneurship Certificate is applied to problems and organizational models in every field. This certificate program builds qualifications for intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial employment and/or further study in Applied Creativity. It is for students interested in gaining knowledge and a level of expertise in entrepreneurial mindsets, creative problem solving and innovative solutions. 

Program Requirements

Complete the following class twice2
Entrepreneurial Immersion: From Idea to Opportunity
(Includes Fall ESP 102 StartUp Weekend, Spring ESP 102 Social Innovation Weekend and other ESP 102 offerings)
Complete the following 3 classes9
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Models
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creativity and Organization
Creativity in Entrepreneurship
Complete the following class3
Entrepreneurial Consulting 1
Total Credit Hours14