Cybersecurity Management for Accountancy Certificate

The Cybersecurity Management for Accountancy Certificate addresses the growing need for Cybersecurity knowledge in the Accounting discipline.  Students will be introduced to Cybersecurity Management fundamentals across several domains including Accounting Information Systems, Networking and Security Threats, IT Governance, Cyber Risk Management, and Audits.  Students will also be introduced to important technologies in the security space, such as Blockchain and the growing business use cases of these technologies.   

Program Requirements

ACC 361Modeling Business Processes in Accounting Information Systems3
ISA 301Business Data Communications and Security3
ISA 305Information Technology Governance, Risk Management, Security and Audit3
ISA 335Blockchain and Business Applications3
Total Credit Hours12

Note: This Certificate is not open to students in the Information and Cybersecurity Management major with Cybersecurity Track, Cybersecurity Management Minor, or Information Security Minor.