Cybersecurity Management Minor

Companies in virtually every industry are spending increasing amounts of resources addressing information security in the new networked world in which they now do business. There is a rapidly growing need for both managerial and technical expertise in the information security realm. The Cybersecurity Management Minor, open to all university students, offers students from any major the managerial and basic technical skills critical for understanding, and addressing information security concerns within organizations.

The minor provides students with an applied/managerial perspective on the information security issues faced by organizations, an understanding of how organizations address those issues both culturally and administratively, as well as insight and experience with some of the leading as well as emerging technologies applied in the information security realm.

Program Requirements

Note: For Information and Cybersecurity Management majors in the Information Systems track or Information Systems minors, at least 9 credit hours beyond the business core must be courses not double counted toward the major or minor.  This minor is not available for students in the Information and Cybersecurity Management major in the Cybersecurity Management track.

ISA 235Information Technology and the Intelligent Enterprise3
CSE 262Technology, Ethics, and Global Society3
ISA 301Business Data Communications and Security3
ISA 305Information Technology Governance, Risk Management, Security and Audit3
ISA 405Information Security3
Electives - Take 3 hours3
Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving
Concepts in Business Programming
Blockchain and Business Applications
Topics in Information Systems (Only approved 3 credit hour security courses apply)
Total Credit Hours18