Commerce- Associate of Applied Business

For information, contact the Department of Commerce in Room 117, 513-785-7706, on VOALC Campus.

Programs are available in business management technology, digital business systems, and marketing management technology. These programs are for those who want to enter business fields and those who want to improve their career opportunities. The Associate of Applied Business degree requires 62 semester hours.

Associate’s degree programs emphasize the development of practical business skills. As a part of the programs, although not required, paying co-op positions are available to provide valuable work experience. Graduates without extensive work experience typically start in entry-level, management-support positions and advance to more responsible positions with experience, motivation, and ability.

Associate Degree Program Requirements

Each degree consists of:

  1. A set of core courses that is common to all programs (total of 43 credit hours).
  2. A set of four courses that is specifically required for the particular degree program (a total of 12 credit hours).
  3. A set of electives that is structured similarly for each program (a total of 7- 8 credit hours).

 Specific information on each of these three requirements follows.

Core Requirements for All Associate Degree Programs
CMR 101Introduction to Accounting I3
CMR 105Introduction to Marketing3
CMR 106Introduction to Business and the Economy3
CMR 108Introduction to Business Law3
CMR 111Introduction to Management I3
CMR 181Computers and Business3
CMR 207Management Planning and Control3
CMR 282Computer-Based Business Analysis3
ENG 111Composition and Rhetoric3
EGS 215Workplace Writing3
MTH 119Quantitative Reasoning4
or STA 261 Statistics
STC 136Introduction to Interpersonal Communication3
Global Miami Plan Foundation III, IV, or V courses6
Complete the four specific courses required for completion of each CMR program12
Approved Electives for All Programs 1
Select any CMR or Global Miami Plan courses not required for your program7
Total Credit Hours62

 Associate Degree Programs

Business Management Technology: Associate of Applied Business

CMR 241Management of Business Operations3
CMR 242Management of Small Business Operations3
CMR 244Introduction to Global Business3
CMR 301Personal Organizational Skills3
Total Credit Hours12

Marketing Management Technology: Associate of Applied Business

CMR 261Customer Service & Satisfaction3
CMR 263Sales and Promotions3
CMR 266Consumer Behavior3
CMR 284Emerging Digital Technologies for Business3
Total Credit Hours12

Digital Business Systems: Associate of Applied Business

CMR 281Business Communication Software3
CMR 284Emerging Digital Technologies for Business3
CMR 285Business Information Management3
CMR 286Digital Commerce3
Total Credit Hours12