Cybersecurity Administration Minor

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing problems in the world today.   At the heart of the cybersecurity crisis is the misconfiguration of infrastructure, servers and endpoints that connect, store and display the world’s information. The Cybersecurity Administration minor provides students in all degree programs with an introduction to the threats and vulnerabilities that exist in the networked economy as well as how to evaluate, monitor, and harden assets against cyber threats. In addition, students will use red team/blue team techniques for penetration testing and will take courses to prepare them for a wide range of today’s most sought after security certifications. Students in other majors who also have a deep knowledge of networked security will be important players in their respective careers.

Program Requirements

CIT 168Information Technology Tools and Techniques for Organizations4
CIT 258Introduction to Global Cybersecurity3
CIT 281Enterprise Network Infrastructure3
CIT 284Enterprise Server Installation and Configuration3
CIT 358Information Technology Assurance and Security3
CIT 386Designing/Deploying Secure Networks3
Total Credit Hours19