Cybersecurity & Networking - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a major in Cybersecurity & Networking addresses the technology and processes used by IT and Network professionals to protect an organizations’ computer systems and networks from digital attacks. This program provides hands on instruction in computing, routers and switches with a focus on security including designing secure networks, penetration testing, cryptography, and ethical hacking. Additionally, students who complete the program will obtain a strong background in technology including database, problem-solving, systems analysis, and project management skills as well as a foundation in the politics of cybersecurity. Students are prepared for the following professional certifications: Certified Ethical Hacker, Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching, Cisco CCNA Security, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security +, ICAgile ICP, ICAgile ICP-FDO, and Microsoft MCSE.

Program Requirements

Information Technology Core
CIT 168Information Technology Tools and Techniques for Organizations4
CIT 205Agile Launchpad I3
CIT 214Database Design and Development3
CIT 262Technology, Ethics, and Global Society3
CIT 268Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction3
CIT 273Web Application Development3
CIT 348Information Management and Retrieval3
CIT 357Current Practices in Information Technology3
CIT 376IT for Organizations3
CIT 448Global and Strategic Issues in Information Technology3
CIT 457IT Project Lifecycle I: Requirements and Design3
CIT 458IT Project Lifecycle II: Implementation and Deployment4
CSE 163Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming3
Technical Electives
Select 6 hours from the following: 16
Digital Media and Design Tools
Advanced Spreadsheets and Analytics
Healthcare Information Technology Around the World
Contemporary Programming Languages
Agile: Business Value Analysis
Agile: Project Management
Healthcare Workflow and Process Improvement
Business Intelligence Tools
Introduction to C/C++ Programming
Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving
Object-Oriented Programming
Data Abstraction and Data Structures
Cybersecurity & Networking Major
CIT 225Fundamentals of DevOps [ICAgile]3
CIT 258Introduction to Global Cybersecurity3
CIT 263Advanced Topics in Programming3
CIT 281Enterprise Network Infrastructure3
CIT 284Enterprise Server Installation and Configuration3
CIT 358Information Technology Assurance and Security3
CIT 386Designing/Deploying Secure Networks3
CIT 480Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity3
POL 271World Politics3
POL 388Politics of Cybersecurity3
Other Required Courses
EGS 305Integrative Writing in Global Contexts3
ENG 111Composition and Rhetoric3
ENG 313Technical Writing3
or EGS 215 Workplace Writing
MTH 122College Algebra (or higher)3
STA 261Statistics4
or STA 301 Applied Statistics
STC 135Principles of Public Speaking3
Total Credit Hours96

May not select courses used to meet other program requirements.  Other technical electives must be pre-approved.