Forensic Investigation Minor

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The minor in forensic investigation provides students with an introduction to the field of forensics, including forensic chemistry, science, evidence, law and investigation. Students will focus on the integration and relationship between crime, forensic analysis, constitutional rights, and law enforcement investigation and expert testimony.

A minimum of a 2.00 GPA must be earned in all the courses completed for the minor. Open to all majors except Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Forensic Investigation. Majors in Nonprofit and Community Studies may enroll in this minor but doing so will not fulfill their Global Miami Plan thematic sequence requirement.  

Program Requirements

CJS 101Introduction to the Criminal Justice Studies3
or CJS 211 Policing in America
CHM 121Introduction to Forensic Chemistry4
CJS 231Criminal Procedure3
CJS 235Forensic Science Survey3
CJS 272Forensic and Crime Scene Evidence3
CJS 411Evidence Law and Expert Testimony3
Total Credit Hours19