Sales Management Minor

Everyone has to Sell. Sell themselves, sell their ideas, sell their organization, sell their services or products.  Researchers and developers should sell their findings, not just present them. Legislators should sell their bills and ideas, not just propose them. Health care professionals should sell care, not just deliver it.  Entrepreneurs and innovators have many stakeholders they must sell to bring their concepts to successful fruition.   

The Sales Management Minor at Miami University will benefit all students, regardless of their chosen majors or careers. The six course curriculum is built around current and future perspectives and experience-based processes. It integrates learnings and develops skills in selling, interpersonal communications, customer perspectives, marketing integration, planning and organization, resource management and leadership.  

Note: Commerce majors are not permitted to declare any Commerce minor.

Program Requirements

CMR 105Introduction to Marketing3
CMR 261Customer Service & Satisfaction3
CMR 263Sales and Promotions3
CMR 362Business to Business Marketing3
CMR 363Personal Selling3
CMR 461Sales Management3
Total Credit Hours18