Linguistics- Bachelor of Arts

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The English department offers four majors: creative writingliteraturelinguistics, and professional writing. These concentrations lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Linguistics is the study of language. Linguists look at how people use language and try to find the rules that govern that use.

Program Requirements

(39-42 semester hours)

Core Courses
ENG/GER/ATH 219Introduction to Linguistics3
ENG 201Special Topics in Language Awareness 13
ENG 202Varieties of English: Dialect Diversity and Language Change3
ENG 301History of the English Language3
Capstone course:
ENG 405Advanced Linguistics: The Research Program of Noam Chomsky3
or ENG 406 Discourse Analysis: Speech Acts in Context
Related courses
Related I:
Select nine hours (no more than two courses from one department)9
Related II:
Select 9 hours from Groups 1 and 2 (no more than one course from Group 1)9
Related III:
Select six or nine hours in one of the following:6-9
Concentration in Foreign Language Linguistics (Take nine hours in a single foreign language at the 300 level or above)
Take six additional hours, selected from unused courses in related I and II
Total Credit Hours39-42

ENG 201 is offered frequently, with each offering focusing on a different topic. Students are required to take ENG 201 once as a Core requirement; they may elect to take it up to two more times as a Related I requirement.

Related courses

Related I: Select 9 hours

CIT 154Personal Computer Concepts and Applications3
CSE 151Computers, Computer Science, and Society3
CSE 174Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving3
CSE 274Data Abstraction and Data Structures3
CSE 283Data Communication and Networks3
CSE 473/CSE 573Automata, Formal Languages, and Computability3
CSE 474/CSE 574Compiler Design3
CSE 486/CSE 586Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3
ENG 201Special Topics in Language Awareness3
ENG 226Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry3
ENG 302Structure of Modern English3
ENG 313Technical Writing3
ENG 327Medieval Literature3
ENG 408/508Second Language Acquisition3
ENG 410Selected Topics in Linguistics3
ENG 417/517Second Language Writing and Reading: Teaching & Theory3
ENG 615TESOL Methods, Materials & Assessment3
FRE 341Conversation and Current Events in France3
FRE 361French Pronunciation3
GER 471Linguistic Perspectives on Contemporary German3
PSY 374Psychology of Language and Thought3
SPA 101Beginning ASL I4
SPA 223Theories of Language Development3
SPA 334Clinical Phonetics and Articulation Disorders3
SPN 311Grammar Review and Introductory Composition3
SPN 312Introduction to Spanish Language/Linguistics3
SPN 481/SPN 581Spanish Phonology and Syntax3
SPN 482/SPN 582Spanish Dialectology3
SPN 483/SPN 583History of the Spanish Language3
SPN 484/SPN 584Second Language Acquisition: Spanish3

 Related II: Select 9 hours

Group 1
Select one course of the following:3-4
Language and Power
Language and Culture in Native North America
Ethnographic Field Methods
Research Methods
Applied Sociological Research
Empirical Research Methods
Group 2
Select two courses of the following:6-8
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Ethnography of Communication
Adolescent Language Arts I
Adolescent Language Arts II
Language Teaching and Learning I
Language Teaching and Learning II
Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Formal Logic
Symbolic Logic
Survey of Perception, Action, and Cognition
Learning and Cognition
Psychology of Language and Thought
Seminar in Cognition
Nonverbal Communication
Intercultural Communication

Note: Foreign language courses taken to fulfill the Related requirements may not count toward the foreign language concentration.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing the following course/s: ENG 201 and ENG 405 or ENG 406.