Interior Design - Bachelor of Fine Arts

For information, contact the Department of Architecture + Interior Design, 101 Alumni Hall, 513-529-7210.

This professional degree program prepares graduates to enter the interior design field or a graduate program in interior design, architecture, or a related discipline.

The curriculum promotes competency in fundamental design, design process, and visual communication, and an understanding of interior materials and systems, history and theory, and professional procedures. Graduates integrate the various aesthetic, social, technical, and graphic requirements of interior design problems.

The program balances liberal learning with a comprehensive professional education. It emphasizes interdisciplinary learning (reflective of the discipline and of trends in practice) by requiring several courses outside the major and by emphasizing interdisciplinary courses and projects. The program promotes independent, self-directed course work and research, with the intention of developing in the student a specialized knowledge as a complement to a broad-based, generalized understanding of the discipline.

Program Requirements

(86 semester hours minimum)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ARC 101 Beginning Design Studio 5
ARC 113 Methods of Presentation, Representation and Re-Presentation 2
ARC 103 Shop Methods and Materials 1
 Credit Hours8
ARC 102 Beginning Design Studio 5
ARC 114 Methods of Presentation, Representation and Re-Presentation 2
 Credit Hours7
Second Year
ARC 203 Interior Design Studio 5
ARC 213 Graphic Media III 2
ARC 212 Principles of Environmental Systems 3
ARC 221 History of Architecture I 3
ARC 225 Design: Behavior, Perception, Aesthetics 3
 Credit Hours16
ARC 204 Interior Design Studio 5
ARC 214 Graphic Media IV 2
ARC 222 History of Architecture II 3
 Credit Hours10
Third Year
Elective Studio 1 3-6
ARC 321 History of Interiors 3
ARC 417 Architectural Materials 3
Business Elective 2 3
 Credit Hours12-15
ARC 304 Interior Design Studio 6
ARC 309 Furniture Design and Construction 3
ARC 414 Environmental Systems II 3
ARC 419 Materials of Interior Design 3
 Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
ARC 403 Interior Design Studio 3 6
ARC 436 Independent Research & Programming 3
ARC 444 Professional Practice in Interior Design 3
 Credit Hours12
ARC 408 Interior Design Studio 4 6
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours86-89