Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Minor

 The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion minor fosters the critical and interdisciplinary study of gender, race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in an increasingly interconnected world. Students develop a deep understanding of the particular historical, social, cultural, and political experiences of individual identity groups within and beyond the United States and the relations among them.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Core Course:
CRE 151Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies3
Electives - Choose 15 credit hours from list, two which must be 300-level or above:15
Intro to Asian/ Asian Amer
Global Religions of India
Asia and Globalization
Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication
Asian American Literature
Asian & Asian American Cinema
Colonial & Postcolonial Literature
Transnational Youth Cultures
Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America
America: Global and Intercultural Perspectives
American Identities
Immigrant America
Ethnic American Literatures
Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora
Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
Native North America: Anthropological Perspectives
North American Archaeology
Latin American Archaeology
Language and Culture in Native North America
Introduction to Civil Rights and Social Movements
Human Rights & Social Movements
African-American History
Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity
Africa to 1884
The Making of Modern Africa
History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s
African-American Experience
Critical Inquiry: Penny Lecture Series
Race, Nation, and Sport
Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
Arts of West Africa
African American Writing, 1746-1877
African American Writing, 1878-1945
African American Writing, 1946-Present
Race and Ethnic Relations
Family Poverty
Selected Topics/Black World Studies
Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas
Race in U.S. Society
Race and Criminal Justice
Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color
Native American Literature
Ethnic American Literatures
Topics in Global and Intercultural Studies ((Global Indigeneity))
Introduction to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
Native American History to 1840
Native American History since 1840
Latin America in the United States
Caribbean, Latin American, and Latinx Literatures
Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues
Identity, Race, Gender, Class
Latin American Popular Culture
Introduction to African American Music
Psychology Across Cultures
EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning
Latin American Popular Culture
Global Childhood Education: Diversity, Education & Society
Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education
Native American Women
Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands
Total Credit Hours18