Humanities Engagement Certificate

The Humanities Engagement Certificate is designed for degree-seeking students of all majors who wish to position themselves as global citizens who research, write, and think critically about the most pressing and urgent human experiences of the twenty-first century. Course work in the humanities supports research in interdisciplinary themes and topics, while also providing an opportunity for students to think broadly and deeply about professional skills. Engagement with the programs and events of Miami University's Humanities Center provides opportunities for all students to apply humanities perspectives to their major course of study.

Program Requirements

(12 semester hours) 

1. Application

A reflective, online application requires applicants to submit a brief essay of intent.

2. Coursework

A minimum of 12 credit-hours of course work in the humanities hosted by at least two different departments, with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Study abroad courses offered by Miami University may count. The following courses are eligible:

(Language courses numbered 101,102, 201, 202 do not count toward this requirement)

AAA 248Asian American Literature3
AAA 249Asian & Asian American Cinema3
AAA 269Colonial & Postcolonial Literature3
AAA 334Transnational Youth Cultures3
AAA 351Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America3
AMS 222Italian American Culture3
AMS 241Religions of the American Peoples3
AMS 246Native American Literature3
AMS 248Asian American Literature3
AMS 285Introduction to African American Music3
AMS 301American Identities3
AMS 302Immigrant America3
AMS 303Consumer Culture3
AMS 304History, Memory, Tradition3
AMS 305American Icons3
AMS 310Special Topics in American Studies1-4
AMS 312The American West3
AMS 315Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues3
AMS 357Gilded Age America3
AMS 362The Era of the American Revolution3
AMS 363The Early American Republic 1783-18153
AMS 367The United States in the 1960s3
AMS 371Native American History to 18403
AMS 382Women in American History3
AMS 392Sex and Gender in American Culture3
AMS 401Senior Capstone in American Studies4
ART 276Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora3
ART 309The Arts of African Peoples3
ART 316Baroque Art in Europe3
ART 317The Arts of Colonial Latin America3
ART 389The History of Photography3
ART 406Art Since 19803
ART 407Moving Image Art3
ART 487Art of the Early 20th Century3
ART 488Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-18483
ART 489Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-19803
ART 498History and Methods in Art and Architectural History3
ART 230Special Lecture Topics in Art History3
ART 480Seminar in Art History3
CLS 121Greek and Roman Mythology3
CLS 211Greek and Roman Epic3
CLS 212Greek and Roman Tragedy3
CLS 216Greek and Roman Cities3
CLS 218Greek and Roman Erotic Poetry3
CLS 222Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity3
CLS 235Women in Antiquity3
CLS 310Advanced Topics in Classics1-3
CLS 321Justice and the Law in Antiquity3
CLS 323Discoveries of Archaeology3
CLS 325Russian Reception of Classical Culture3
CLS 332Classical Mythology and the Arts3
CLS 336Ancient Sexualities3
CLS 361Antiquity Through a Lens3
CRE 151Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies3
CRE 156Introduction to Africa4
CRE 181Introduction to Civil Rights and Social Movements1
CRE 182Human Rights & Social Movements1
CRE 221African-American History3
CRE 222Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity3
CRE 224Africa to 18843
CRE 225The Making of Modern Africa3
CRE 243History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s3
CRE 248African-American Experience3
CRE 279Race, Nation, and Sport3
CRE 287Anti-Racism Social Movements: From ideas to action3
CRE 301Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa4
CRE 325Identity, Race, Gender, Class3
CRE 335Arts of West Africa3
CRE 336African American Writing, 1746-18773
CRE 337African American Writing, 1878-19453
CRE 338African American Writing, 1946-Present3
CRE 343African-American Religions3
CRE 348Race and Ethnic Relations3
CRE 362Family Poverty3
CRE 370Selected Topics/Black World Studies3
CRE 381Afro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts3
CRE 385Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas3
CRE 386Race in U.S. Society3
CRE 401Race and Criminal Justice3
CRE 402Engaged Learning Practicum1-6
CRE 432Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color3
CRE 437Black Feminist Studies3
CRE 470Social/Political Activism3
ENG 220Literature and Film3
ENG 221Shakespeare and Film3
ENG 226Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry3
ENG 231The Short Story3
ENG 232Women Writers3
ENG 235Classical Hollywood Cinema3
ENG 236Experimental Film3
ENG 237GLBTQ Literature3
ENG 246Native American Literature3
ENG 248Asian American Literature3
ENG 249Asian & Asian American Cinema3
ENG 251Introduction to European Literature3
ENG 254Caribbean, Latin American, and Latinx Literatures3
ENG 255Love and Death in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature3
ENG 256Empire and Utopia in Russian Literature3
ENG 262Children's Literature3
ENG 263Literature and Medicine3
ENG 264Environmental Literature3
ENG 267Communism and Catastrophe in Modern Russian Literature3
ENG 269Colonial & Postcolonial Literature3
ENG 272English Literature to 16603
ENG 273English Literature 1660-19003
ENG 274English Literature 1901 to Present3
ENG 275American Literature to 19003
ENG 276American Literature 1900 to the Present3
ENG 327Medieval Literature3
ENG 328Sixteenth-Century English Literature3
ENG 331Seventeenth-Century English Literature3
ENG 335English Literature of the 18th Century3
ENG 336African American Writing, 1746-18773
ENG 337African American Writing, 1878-19453
ENG 338African American Writing, 1946-Present3
ENG 339British Romanticism, 1789-18373
ENG 343Victorian Literature, 1837-19013
ENG 345British Modernism, 1890-19453
ENG 348Ethnic American Literatures3
ENG 349Early American Literature3
ENG 351Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America3
ENG 352Antebellum American Literature3
ENG 353American Realism and Naturalism3
ENG 354American Modernism3
ENG 355Contemporary American Literature3
ENG 356Women and Gender in Film3
ENG 364From Marco Polo to Machiavelli3
ENG 370Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory3
ENG 372Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Early Works3
ENG 373Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Late Works3
ENG 374English Renaissance Drama3
ENG 381Afro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts3
ENG 383Brazilian Women through Literature and Film3
ENG 401Dante's Divine Comedy3
ENG 432Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color3
ENG 435Queer Theory3
ENG 437Black Feminist Theory3
ENG 440Major English and American Writers3
FRE 202Critical Analysis of French Culture3
FRE 301Culture & Interpretation3
FRE 302Pre-Revolutionary Literature and Life3
FRE 303Modern and Contemporary Literature and Life3
FRE 310Texts in Context3
FRE 404The French Renaissance3
FRE 411Modern and Contemporary French Society3
FRE 420Topics in French & Francophone Comic Art1-3
FRE 425Senior Seminar3
FRE 430Topics in Early Modern French Literature1-3
FRE 440Gender, Sexuality, & Creativity3
FRE 443French Medieval Literature3
FRE 451Rebellions, Revolutions, and Avant-gardes3
FRE 452The 19th Century3
FRE 453Poetry3
FRE 454Modernity: Crisis and Creation3
FRE 46220th- and 21st-Century Literature, Art, and Thought3
FST 201Film History and Analysis3
FST 204Brazilian Culture Through Music and Film3
FST 206Diversity and Culture in American Film3
FST 220Literature and Film3
FST 221Shakespeare and Film3
FST 222Italian American Culture3
FST 235Classical Hollywood Cinema3
FST 236Experimental Film3
FST 249Asian & Asian American Cinema3
FST 250History and Popular Culture3
FST 252History at the Movies3
FST 261German Film in Global Context3
FST 262Italian Cinema3
FST 263Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema3
FST 264Chinese Cinema and Culture3
FST 266Survey of Japanese Cinema3
FST 282Sexualities and Film3
FST 356Women and Gender in Film3
FST 362Mafia and Cinema3
FST 381Afro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts3
FST 383Brazilian Women through Literature and Film3
FST 401Seminar in Film Study3
FST 407Moving Image Art3
GER 231Enchanted Worlds: Folk and Literary Fairy Tales3
GER 232The Holocaust in German Literature, History, and Film3
GER 252The German-Jewish Experience3
GER 261German Film in Global Context3
GER 272Cinemas and Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe3
GER 281Americans in Berlin: An Interdisciplinary Study-Abroad Workshop6
GER 301German Language Through the Media3
GER 311Passionate Friendships in German Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present3
GER 312Coming of Age in German Life and Thought3
GER 321Cultural Topics in German-Speaking Europe Since 18703
GER 322Comparative Study of Everyday Culture: German-Speaking Europe and the U.S.A.3
GER 410Topics in German Language, Literature, and Culture3
GER 471Linguistic Perspectives on Contemporary German3
HST 212United States History since 19453
HST 215Latin America in the United States3
HST 216Introduction to Public History3
HST 217Modern Latin American History3
HST 221African-American History3
HST 222U.S. Foreign Relations Since 18983
HST 224Africa to 18843
HST 225The Making of Modern Africa3
HST 229The World Wars3
HST 231Genocides in the 20th Century3
HST 236Medicine and Disease in Modern Society3
HST 237Plagues, Pandemics, & Peoples3
HST 240Topics in World History1-4
HST 241Introduction to Islamic History3
HST 243History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s3
HST 244Raiders of the Lost Archive3
HST 245Making of Modern Europe, 1450-17503
HST 246Survey of Medieval History3
HST 250History and Popular Culture3
HST 252History at the Movies3
HST 254Introduction to Russian and Eurasian Studies3
HST 259Introduction to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma3
HST 270Topics in European History1-4
HST 271L
HST 27520th Century European Diplomacy3
HST 286Data, Ethics, and Society3
HST 290Topics in American History1-4
HST 296World History Since 1945: Conflict and Community3
HST 304History, Memory, Tradition3
HST 305Becoming Christianity3
HST 306History of Christian Thought3
HST 313History of England to 16883
HST 315The Renaissance3
HST 316The Age of the Reformation3
HST 319Revolution in Latin America3
HST 323Discoveries of Archaeology3
HST 324Eurasian Nomads and History3
HST 328Italy: Machiavelli to Mussolini3
HST 330Topics in European History1-4
HST 331Industry and Empire: Europe from 1850 to 19143
HST 332Age of Dictators: Europe 1914-19453
HST 333Reconstruction of Europe Since 19453
HST 350Topics in American History3
HST 354Modern Chinese History3
HST 355History of Modern Sport and National Identity3
HST 356Modern Japanese History3
HST 357Gilded Age America3
HST 361Colonial America3
HST 362The Era of the American Revolution3
HST 363The Early American Republic, 1783-18153
HST 367The United States in the 1960s3
HST 371Native American History to 18403
HST 372Native American History since 18403
HST 374History of the Russian Empire3
HST 375The Soviet Union and Beyond3
HST 360Topics in World History1-4
HST 382Women in American History3
HST 385Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas3
HST 386Race in U.S. Society3
HST 387U.S. Constitutional Development to 18653
HST 392Sex and Gender in American Culture3
HST 410Topics in European History3
HST 428History Through Literature3
HST 450Topics in American History3
HST 452Florence in the Time of the Republic, 1250-15503
HST 470Topics in World History3
ITL 221Italy, Matrix of Civilization3
ITL 222Italian American Culture3
ITL 231Italian Food Cultures in Context3
ITL 262Italian Cinema3
ITL 279Made in Italy6
ITL 301Culture, Society and Politics in Perspective3
ITL 302Introduction to Italian Literature3
ITL 362Mafia and Cinema3
ITL 364From Marco Polo to Machiavelli3
ITL 401Dante's Divine Comedy3
ITL 410Topics in Italian3
ITL 425Senior Seminar3
LAS 204Brazilian Culture Through Music and Film3
LAS 208Introduction to Latin America3
LAS 215Latin America in the United States3
LAS 217Modern Latin American History3
LAS 243History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s3
LAS 254Caribbean, Latin American, and Latinx Literatures3
LAS 315Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues3
LAS 317The Arts of Colonial Latin America3
LAS 319Revolution in Latin America3
LAS 325Identity, Race, Gender, Class3
LAS 332Latin American Popular Culture3
LAS 385Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas3
LAS 424Seminar on Modern Architecture in Latin America3
PHL 205Science and Culture3
PHL 241What is Art?3
PHL 245Writing Philosophy3
PHL 263Informal Logic3
PHL 265Confronting Death3
PHL 273Formal Logic4
PHL 286Data, Ethics, and Society3
PHL 301Ancient Philosophy4
PHL 302Modern Philosophy4
PHL 311Ethical Theory4
PHL 312Contemporary Moral Problems4
PHL 321Being and Knowing3
PHL 331Political Philosophy3
PHL 335Philosophy of Law4
PHL 355Feminist Theory3
PHL 373Symbolic Logic4
PHL 375Medical Ethics4
PHL 376Environmental Philosophy4
PHL 394Existentialism3
PHL 40219th Century Philosophy4
PHL 404What is Philosophy?3
PHL 411Advanced Ethical Theories4
PHL 420Seminar in Twentieth Century Philosophy4
PHL 430Seminar in Ancient or Medieval Philosophy4
PHL 440Seminar in Modern Philosophy4
PHL 450Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy4
PHL 459Political Philosophy Seminar4
PHL 470Advanced Aesthetics4
PHL 494Philosophy of Mind4
PHL 496Epistemology4
POR 204Brazilian Culture Through Music and Film3
POR 381Afro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts3
POR 383Brazilian Women through Literature and Film3
REL 203Global Religions of India3
REL 226Introduction to Islam3
REL 241Religions of the American Peoples3
REL 275Introduction to the Critical Study of Biblical Literature3
REL 286Global Jewish Civilization3
REL 305Becoming Christianity3
REL 306History of Christian Thought3
REL 313Marriage Across Cultures3
REL 314Social and Religious History of the Jewish People3
REL 316The Age of the Reformation3
REL 330Religion, Sex, & Gender3
REL 331Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity3
REL 333Religion, Dress, and Status3
REL 336Reconstructing Jesus3
REL 340Internship0-20
REL 341Protestantism and the Development of American Culture3
REL 342Religious Pluralism in Modern America3
REL 343African-American Religions3
REL 355Religion and Law3
REL 365Arabian Gulf Economies in Social Transition6
REL 373Religion after Communism3
REL 376Global Jihadism3
REL 402Basic Structures in the History of Religions3
RUS 250Topics in Russian Literature in English Translation3
RUS 254Introduction to Russian and Eurasian Studies3
RUS 255Love and Death in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature3
RUS 256Empire and Utopia in Russian Literature3
RUS 257Communism and Catastrophe in Modern Russian Literature3
RUS 263Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema3
SPN 318Introduction to Hispanic Film3
SPN 322Issues Affecting Hispanic Health Care in the U.S.3
SPN 331Spanish for Community Work3
SPN 332Latin American Popular Culture3
SPN 351Historical Perspectives on Current Issues3
SPN 352Cultural History of Spain II3
SPN 361Marginalized Voices3
SPN 362Spanish American Cultural History II3
SPN 370Topics in Hispanic Studies3
SPN 381Language and Society: Past and Present3
SPN 382An international language in a multicultural world3
SPN 420Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spain3
SPN 430Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spanish America3
SPN 440Selected Topics in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture3
SPN 450Topics in Hispanic Culture and Language1-4
SPN 451Spanish Cultural Studies3
SPN 454Don Quixote3
SPN 461Spanish American Film, Visual, and Digital Studies3
SPN 462Contemporary Spanish American Literature3
SPN 483History of the Spanish Language3
WGS 202Introduction to GLBT Studies3
WGS 221Sexualities3
WGS 232Women Writers3
WGS 237GLBTQ Literature3
WGS 278Women and (Dis)ability: Fictions and Contaminations of Identity3
WGS 287
WGS 301Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality3
WGS 302Geography and Gender3
WGS 309Native American Women3
WGS 313Marriage Across Cultures3
WGS 325Identity, Race, Gender, Class3
WGS 330Religion, Sex, & Gender3
WGS 333Religion, Dress, and Status3
WGS 336Ancient Sexualities3
WGS 346Global Gender Politics3
WGS 348Gender Politics & Policy in the United States3
WGS 351Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America3
WGS 355Feminist Theory3
WGS 356Women and Gender in Film3
WGS 361Couple Relationships: Diversity and Change3
WGS 369Sexuality, Youth, Education3
WGS 370Selected Topics in Women's Studies3
WGS 382Women in American History3
WGS 383Brazilian Women through Literature and Film3
WGS 392Sex and Gender in American Culture3
WGS 401The Role of Women in a Transforming Society3
WGS 406Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands3
WGS 422Politics and Ethics of Theatre and Performance: Representation, Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality3
WGS 432Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color3
WGS 436Women, Gender, and the Environment3
WGS 437Black Feminist Theory3
WGS 450Topics in Women's History3
WGS 451Interpersonal Violence3
WGS 461Gender, Sexuality and Media3
WGS 475Women, Gender Relations, and Sport3

3. Portfolio

HUM 477Independent Studies0-6

Students will register for HUM477 for 0 credit toward the culmination of the program. The online/asynchronous course is focused on the student completing a portfolio on Canvas where they showcase second and third requirements of the certificate program and note the 12 credits of humanities courses. Students will get credit for the course plus the entire certificate program once they complete the portfolio (which will include responses to humanities events, research/community project(s), and list of completed humanities courses).  

The Portfolio will consist of:

A. Attendance at a minimum of eight in-person events that are listed on the Humanities Center’s events calendar. Students are encouraged to consistently attend these events while at Miami, averaging two per semester. Students must then submit an approximately 300-word response to the event on Canvas.

B. Participation in at least two of the following Humanities Center programs:

Paths to Research in the Humanities

Research Apprenticeship

Winter Research Workshop

Humanities Lab (HUM320)

Geoffrion Family Undergraduate Fellowship

Student Citizens Program Mentor

Completing an honors thesis in a humanities department

A University Summer Scholars (USS) project in a humanities department