Organizational Leadership- Bachelor of Arts

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The Organizational Leadership major allows students to apply sociological, psychological, and political science theories and methods to real world organizational problems. The major is designed to maximize graduates’ ability to flexibly adapt to today’s continually shifting job requirements, emerging technologies, and new ways of organizing. Students develop skills and knowledge relevant for jobs across a variety of sectors, including for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government. Graduates are also well equipped for a variety of graduate school programs in the social sciences and areas such as business, law,  and public policy.

Program Requirements

(46 semester hours)

Core courses
MGT 211Introduction to Management for Non-business Majors3
or MGT 291 Introduction to Management & Leadership
ORG 153Introduction to Organizational Leadership3
ORG 340Internship3
ORG 354The Social Dynamics of Strategy and Leadership3
ORG 361Innovation in Organizations3
ORG 471Organizational Leadership Capstone3
PSY 221Social Psychology3
SOC 262Research Methods3
STA 261Statistics4
Choose 6 credits from each of the three lists below, with at least 9 credits at the 300 level or above
Business Foundations (choose 6 hours): 16
Accounting for the Non-Business Major
Financial Capital
Business Concepts in Customer Engagement
Information Technology and Data Driven Decision Making in Business
Leading Organizations (choose 6 hours)6
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Foundations of Officership
Introduction to Tactical Leadership
Individual Leadership
Leadership and Management
Current Issues in Organizational Leadership
Public Management, Leadership, and Administrative Politics
Psychology of Judgment, Decision Making, and Reasoning
Leading and Managing Projects
Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management
Employee Engagement and Motivation
Leadership and Learning
Public Budgeting
Public Personnel Administration
Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership in Sport Contexts
Organizations and their Environments (choose 6 hours):6
Work and Occupational Justice
Introduction to the Sociology of Globalization
Economy and Society
Organizations and Society
The Nature of Group Leadership 2
Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing ORG 361.
Total Credit Hours46

Students interested in a career in the private sector are encouraged to choose ACC 211 and FIN 211; they are also encouraged to consider adding a General Business minor.


Up to 4 hours of EDL 290 can count in the electives; courses must be different content.