Organizational Leadership (ORG)

ORG 354. The Social Dynamics of Strategy and Leadership. (3)

Reviews classical and current sociological theories of organizational strategy and leadership, with an emphasis on practical application. The course focuses on four major areas: (a) relative firm performance; (b) the nature of competition and market interaction; (c) the beginnings of industries and firms; and (d) the diffusion or transfer of ideas and practices across firms.
Prerequisite: SOC 153.

ORG 360. Current Issues in Organizational Leadership. (3; maximum 6)

Covers special topics of importance to leaders in a variety of organizational types.

ORG 361. Innovation in Organizations. (3)

Organizations play an important role in introducing novelty and innovation in society. Through readings, case studies, and experiential activities, this course examines how organizations can effectively foster innovation, and the processes that lead to new products, services, and solutions to social problems. In addition, the course focuses on the importance of organizational adaptation and innovation in an increasingly dynamic global economy, and the ways the most effective organizations adapt and innovate. CAS-W.
Prerequisite: SOC 153 or PSY 111.

ORG 471. Organizational Leadership Capstone. (3) (MPC)

Integrates concepts from the Organizational Leadership major and applies them to real world issues.
Prerequisite: Senior standing.