Communication Design- Bachelor of Fine Arts

The mission of the Communication Design major is to enable learners to gain the design thinking, knowledge, and skills required of practicing designers in areas like communication design, user experience design, and branding. Learners grow these competencies through exercises, projects, and learning experiences designed to develop practical, analytical, creative, emotional, and social intelligence. Graduates are prepared to enter a wide range of design practices as adaptable problem solvers who consider context and stakeholder needs as drivers for design.

Portfolio Review

In addition to the entrance portfolio review required by the Department of Art, students desiring to pursue the Communication Design major must undergo an additional portfolio review. This review occurs in the spring semester of the first year before registration for the fall semester. This portfolio and interview process determines advancement into the degree program in the second year. A limited number of students are admitted each year. In order to submit a portfolio for admission into the Communication Design major, students must be enrolled in ART 151 Pre-Communication Design, and must have completed or be enrolled in ART 102 Color Theory and Practice, ART 105 Technical Drawing, ART 111 Design and Composition, and ART 121 Observational Drawing. 

Transfer Admission

Students who wish to transfer from another institution and enter this program must satisfy admission requirements of the Communication Design program in addition to those of the art department and university.

For information, contact the advisor in the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900.

Program Requirements

(84 semester hours minimum)

Art History Requirements
Survey courses:
ART 187History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic3
ART 188History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern3
Non-Western art history course (select one):3
Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America
History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
The Arts of African Peoples
Chinese Painting History
Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art
Arts of West Africa
Design history course:
ART 455A History of Design3
Studio Requirements
Foundation courses:
ART 102Color Theory and Practice1.5
ART 103Creative Practices in New Technology1.5
ART 104Problem Solving1.5
ART 105Technical Drawing1.5
ART 111Design and Composition3
ART 121Observational Drawing3
ART 281Contemporary Art Forum1
Advanced studio courses:
ART 221Intermediate Drawing 13
ART 249Letterpress for Designers1.5
Research methods:
ART 248Design Research Methods Basics1.5
Studio elective (choose one):3
3D Digital Sculpting
3D Shading and Texturing
Intermediate Drawing 2
Painting I
Printmaking I
Introduction to Digital Imaging
Ceramics I
Jewelry Design and Metals I
Sculpture I
Thematic Studio
BFA Requirements
100-level course:
ART 151Pre-Communication Design1
200-level courses:
ART 251Typography3
ART 252Image3
ART 253Design Systems3
ART 254Communication Design Studio 13
300-level courses:
ART 352Communication Design Studio 23
ART 353The Business of Design3
ART 354Design for Use3
400-level courses:
ART 451The Professional Portfolio3
ART 452Communication Design Studio 3: Degree Project3
ART 453Highwire Brand Studio4
ART 460Special Topics Design Studio3
Electives Requirement12
12 credit hours of electives selected in consultation with an advisor.
Total Credit Hours84