Studio Art - Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art prepares students to become fluent in the practice of visual arts. Students will gain critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as conceptual rigor, technical expertise and methods as a means to explore intellectual and human experience through visual arts modes. By taking a core group of foundational studio courses and Art History courses, students explore a studio area or areas of interest, including ceramics, metals and jewelry design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, allowing students to create a hybrid experience as they apply their artistic interests – and aspects of their broader liberal arts education – to a contemporary studio art practice. A Capstone course, The Professional Portfolio and Exhibition Experience, typically taken in the final semester of their senior year, offers a practical professional experience based on current professional practices which culminates with an exhibition of the student’s artwork in the Hiestand Galleries.

Students cannot earn both the BA in Studio Art and the BFA in Studio Art. 

Program requirements

(50 semester hours)

ART 111Design and Composition3
ART 121Observational Drawing3
ART 281Contemporary Art Forum (take twice)1,1
Beginning Studio 15
Take five of the following:
Painting I
Printmaking I
Ceramics I
Jewelry Design and Metals I
Sculpture I
Intermediate Drawing
ART 221Intermediate Drawing 13
Intermediate Studio 12
Take four of the following:
3D Character Design
Thematic Studio
Painting II
Painting III
Printmaking II
Printmaking III
Photography II
Photography III
Ceramics II
Ceramics III
Jewelry Design and Metals II
Jewelry Design and Metals III
Sculpture II
Sculpture III
Advanced Studio3
Take one of the following:
Painting IV
Painting V
Printmaking IV
Printmaking V
Photography IV
Photography V
Ceramics IV
Ceramics V
Jewelry Design and Metals IV
Jewelry Design & Metals V
Sculpture IV
Sculpture V
Exhibition Experience
ART 492Professional Artist's Portfolio and Exhibition Experience3
Art History
Select one introductory survey course:3
Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America
History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic
History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern
History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
Select one upper-level art history course:3
Art Since 1980
Seminar in Art History
Art of the Early 20th Century
Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-1848
Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-1980
History and Methods in Art and Architectural History
Total Credit Hours50