Theatre - Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

For information, contact the Department of Theatre, 119 Center for Performing Arts, 513-529-3053. The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is intended for students who wish to pursue the study of theatre situated within a liberal arts tradition. The undergraduate program is committed to developing creative thinkers with artistic vision through a program that emphasizes the interplay between critical thinking and artistic practice. All courses must be taken for a grade.

Special Admission Requirements: Theatre Majors

In addition to the general university application, you should complete a separate departmental information form and arrange an audition/interview with the department. Special admission on the basis of outstanding talent is available. You can submit a department application and schedule an on-campus interview at, or call the department office at 513-529-3053. Interview materials can also be submitted through the mail or electronically.

At the interview you must present two different examples of creative work you have done, whether in theatre or other related disciplines. These may include: stories, plays, creative writing, a monologue or song, pictures of three-dimensional art (ceramics, sculpture, mixed media), two-dimensional art you’ve created (drawing, painting, photography), biographies of characters you’ve played on the stage, character journals or process journals you’ve kept, photos of set pieces, props, or costumes you’ve built, set sketches, models, renderings, drafting, or mechanical drawing (hand or CAD), costume sketches, renderings, light plots and/or images of lighting you’ve designed, choreography notations, parts of prompt book, sound recordings of original compositions or effect manipulation, essays or research papers on theatre or drama, or any class project relating to theatre, digital movies you've made, web pages you've built. At the interview, theatre faculty will discuss your interest in theatre.

Program Requirements

(45 semester hours)

Please note that courses listed in more than one category may only be used to fulfill ONE requirement.

Core Courses
THE 101Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis3
THE 107The Theatre Major: an Introduction to Theatre Resources and Skills1
THE 131Principles of Acting3
THE 142Theatre Organization and Communication1
THE 251Visual Communication for the Theatre3
THE 291World Stages3
THE 292World Stages3
THE 301Professional Practice in Theatre1
THE 421Fundamentals of Directing3
THE 422Politics and Ethics of Theatre and Performance: Representation, Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality3
Theatre Technology
Select one theatre technology course:3
Costume Fundamentals
Stagecraft and Theatre Technologies
Scene Painting Fundamentals
Theatre Skills
Select nine semester hours of the following:9
Stage Makeup
The Theatrical Toolbox (maximum 3)
Acting Studio:Foundations
Acting Studio: Integrating Text
Playwriting Through Improvisation
Costume Fundamentals
Stagecraft and Theatre Technologies
Scene Painting Fundamentals
Stage Management
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Acting Shakespeare
Special Techniques for the Actor (maximum 6)
Methods and Styles of Play Directing
Special Topics in Theatre Design and Technology
Tutorial in Advanced Problems
Theatre Studies
Select three semester hours of the following:3
Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre and Performance
Topics in Dramatic Literature and Cultural Performance
The Musical in American Culture
London Theatre
Topics in Theatre and Performance Studies
Topics in Applied Theatre, Practice, and Pedagogy
Production Practicum
Select six experiences of production practicum of the following; limit of three in any one area to count toward degree:6
Production and Performance Practicum (maximum 8)
Advanced Production and Performance Practicum (maximum 4)
Total Credit Hours45